Another Skywalker Monstrosity At the Presidio.


Joseph Campbell often sat down with George Lucas to talk to him about the myths of ancient folks and wisdom that floats unseen and affects millions on this earth. In all the talking and communicating I do not think Campbell would ever think of uttering "greed" and being "selfish" as the "in" thing. Well George Lucas with all his training has positioned himself to be "greedy" and "selfish" at the Presidio of San Francisco.

Perhaps no one really knows and feels what I do about the Letterman Army Medical Center (LAMC) and the Letterman Army Institute of Research (LAIR) at the Presidio of San Francisco. It would take me a lot to reveal the true facts so I will stick to the point. Both LAMC and LAIR stood for healing and compassion - for sure it did not stand for greed. It also stood for diversity and not for some sanitized folks that are far removed from diversity, compassion and healing. George Lucas.

Just opposite the Lucas Digital Center are the Buffalo Soldiers Buildings 572, 563, and the others. I bet George Lucas has no idea about these wooden structures. When James Meadows the crook that was fired from the Presidio Trust made the deal with George Lucas - the bottom line was money. For a meager $5 million rent per year - George Lucas will do anything to make money and his cronies will be tight fisted when it comes to fiscal matters. Using people to meet their ends.

Joseph Campbell has had an influence on George Lucas - through his fantasy movies George Lucas will incorporate the myths from the East but not the compassion and he surely does not teach anyone how to drink from the cup of Soma? George Lucas has exploited generations of youth mostly White Folks - shallow in the teachings of the scriptures and books of wisdom - Vedas, Upanishads, Confucius, Buddha, Jainism and Zorastarism and more. Then the civilizations of Japan, Greece, India, Babylon, Egypt, Aztec, Mayan, China, and more - Joseph Campbell could not fathom. At the Skywalker Ranch situated in the Marin Headlands - the neighbors will tell you they do not like the magnet that treats his neighbors with disdain. It will not be better at the Presidio of San Francisco that is already saturated with Whites with little or no diversity. Yet, we all know the First People and other people of color built the Presidio of San Francisco. Shame on these racists.

Do you think George Lucas knows about the Muwekma Ohlone? Do you think he knows about the Buffalo Soldiers and their role? Do you think he cares about diversity and helping real people? Perhaps he may after he meets me and talks to me for a moment!

The Presidio General Management Plan never ever had a place for a project like what George Lucas had in mind. He toned it down a little but it still is too big and does not belong in a National Park and especially a National Park and needs every square inch in San Francisco for Open Space. I am sure and confident that Phillip Burton would not approve the present George Lucas buildings with all the projects that consume too much electricity, water, and send its sewage all the way to the Bayview to foster discrimination and racism of the highest order.

It is wrong for the City and County of San Francisco to compromise the energy situation and provide so much electricity to George Lucas. George Lucas could easily have been self-sufficient using Solar Power.

It is wrong for the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to provide George Lucas with clean Hetch Hetchy water - millions of gallons to keep his Digital Empire floating. It is wrong for San Francisco to provide the Presidio Trust any Hetch Hetchy clean drinking water at all.

It is very wrong for the filthy rich whites to send their sewage all the way to the Phelps Raw Sewage Treatment Plant. I am confident that George Lucas knows nothing about this. As far as he is concerned all he wants is his amenities and his ego puffed so that he can be pompous. It is pathetic that such imbeciles live today and do great injustice to millions just because they have money which they make by producing movies based on myths that belong to other civilizations not White. George Lucas should go visit the El Polin Springs and learn a little about that site? Find out about Shellmounds and the staring desecrated Shellmound at Crissy Field? Learn about building 1219? Read and findout more about buildings 682, 563, and 572. Perhaps someone should tell him about building 35. He should findout more about the Officers' Club and Moraga Room. There is much that George Lucas can do then listening to the Racists Presidio Trust.

People of color built the Presidio of San Francisco and they have every right to live and work at the Presidio of San Francisco. The Ohlone own all of the Presidio of San Francisco and George Lucas should understand that - he better do it now then later.

George Lucas has exploited the minds of millions using myths that belong to many ancient civilizations. And there are more buried deep in the writing of ancient writing that many couldn't translate. Closer to home George Lucas should be compassionate and remember he is just a KEEPER for the meager $5 million rent he pays for the Lucas Digital Center to the Presidio Trust but real the Nation.

Thousands of good soldiers were healed at the Letterman Army Medical Center. Thousands of people worked and remember LAMC. I was one of them and remember the trees and the landmarks - many of which George Lucas has removed. I remember the birds and the Shellmounds that have been destroyed and the birds forced to live their habitat. I have been following the guru of fantasy movies and his actions of destruction here on Earth.

There is nothing peaceful, healing, or compassionate about the George Lucas Digital Center - it is all about greed and racism.

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