I was at El Polin Spring today June 13, 2005 with two of my good friends John Nauer and Cedro and what I saw was not I expected to see with my own eyes. Filthy dogs and some White Trash disrespecting and desecrating what once everyone respected and took care of. From these springs the Ohlone drank and when the first strangers came from the shores dying of thirst - they came to El Polin Springs to quench their thirst. History has well documented this fact again and again.

I took my good friends to show them the springs and when I went to read the plaque on which was once described how the Ohlone women believed that if a woman drank from the El Polin spring by the light of the full moon she would bear lots of children - the plaque was gone only the bear granite stone stood gazing with the protruding four bolts.

First I had to deal with the dogs and the lack of reverence to a site that the dog owners had no idea about. The least these inconsiderate White folks could do is learn and be educated about the site and have their dogs on a leash. Then to add insult to injury the plaque, which the Army had placed out of great respect, was missing - stolen by some one.

I made it a point to go to building 34 and report the matter to the woman who purports to handle all matters regarding the media. She promised to address the issues. She told me that she would report the missing plague to the United States Police and request the Presidio Maintenance to clean up the area.

The Muwekma Ohlone are the true owners of the Presidio of San Francisco and both the National Park Service and the Presidio Trust knows about this fact. Craig Middleton better brings his team to the table and address the mess that is El Polin. The well that once was clean has all sorts of garbage throw in. I am sure if information was posted about the site - no one in his or her right mind would trash the area. No one would use El Polin springs as an exercise pit for some ugly dirty dogs. The Spanish historians are very clear about their writings when it comes to El Polin Springs, Lobos Creek and Mountain Lake. Water something no one in those days and even today can take for granted. In a National Park the significance of El Polin is not only Sacred by Historical. The National Park is in the business of Preservation and Protection and when it cannot do so - the Presidio Trust assumes full responsibility.

One must remember that clean tasty water was treasured by the Ohlone and more by the Spanish, the Russians, the English, and later on by the Americans. In fact the same is today - educated and well-mannered folks do not pollute clean rivers and lakes. Much more sacred sites as is El Polin. You do not permit dogs to roam the graveyards and places of reverence and allow them to urinate and defecate. This nonsense must stop - now.

Some how as years have gone by some Whites have lost respect for most everything. They have destroyed all that once was pristine. Today we have some vestiges of Lobos Creek, El Polin and Moutain Lake. Among them again and again the historians of yore telling us how the first Spaniards drank the spring water and how they camped near by mention El Polin.

Today the Presidio of San Francisco is a National Park. Once would think the buffoons would preserve and protect El Polin Spring. That they would do something good for once but quite the contrary. It is disgusting to see dogs even to see the well that once was well protected. The Army grew the trees surrounding the spring and when I worked for the Army the place was well maintained. The spring ran freely and was clean and free from rubbish.

The last time I visited El Polin Springs I saw the plaque. Today it was gone and even though it is a simple plaque I hope the Trust puts another one in place. I say that because no where else on any site is any mention made of the First People as was done by the Army by placing this plaque. No where all over the Presidio of San Francisco. I am not taking this lightly and I hope the authorities that be act quickly. I am not one to see things go down and let things go by the way side. I want some one with some authority to restore the plaque and put some Standard Operating Procedures in place to maintain, preserve, and protect El Polin springs. I am requesting the United States Police not to allow dogs to tarnish the waters and others not to throw rubbish into the well. Idiots desecrating El Polin should be fined and if possible jailed.

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