It is always so amazing what the Internet can do in terms of communicating and fact-finding and information; keeping abreast of so many factors and news and that includes the Presidio of San Francisco.

Good folks mostly from Army days will surf the net and then find out that I have something to say about the Presidio Trust and the National Park Service two animals of a kind that have not been kind to the Presidio of San Francisco. Then reach out and touch me.

Recently there was an article in the newspaper bragging that those mostly Whites that live at the Presidio of San Francisco and can afford the high rents and having it good. The John Stewart Company known for fleecing its renters and making large amounts of money have it made at the Presidio of San Francisco and Treasure Island.

The Presidio Trust is not so much worried about serving the people it wants to make huge sums of money. Of late the reports all state in very clear terms the money mongers are happy with dollars flowing in the millions.

Oh you can see the glee in the eyes of Nancy Pelosi and her cronies that fought so much to commercialize the Presidio of San Francisco. The Presidio Trust keeps hiring folks that are mostly White and the diversity of San Francisco is NOT reflected in the Presidio Trust workforce. Kudos to the Army for accommodating a diverse population.

Tenants have most of the commercial buildings occupied and George Lucas for a mere $5 million a year is subleasing and making tons of money. He has the best spot on the Presidio that is a National Park but one glance at the Lucas facility and you would think you were far away from Nature and more from a National Park. Enter the Lombard Gate and there you see the monster. The Presidio Trust has not been sustainable for all its talk. It keeps getting millions of gallons of clean drink Hetch Hetchy water from San Francisco and wastes it watering its lawn. Further the sewage that it creates and more now since Lucas now adds a few more million gallons are all sent to the Bayview for processing and treatment. It is amazing how these idiots think not about sustainable processes and the environment.

Some months ago some zealous Presidio Trust employees killed some baby red foxes. The Whites have come with their dogs and cats. These so called domestic pets kill the quail that roam the Presidio but the blame goes to the red fox. The red fox and the gray fox where there before these strangers. So were the skunks and the many animals and birds that inhabit the Presidio of San Francisco.

I have been reading this recent article about the Presidio of San Francisco and how some Whites were enjoying collecting wild berries. The author who has no idea of San Francisco and much less of the Presidio of San Francisco stated that families love to live at the Presidio of San Francisco. More like living in the country said the author.

The average rent for a two-room house is $3000 and some go for as much as $5000 a month. One must remember that all the homes at the Presidio of San Francisco are paid off a hundred times over the Army made sure of that. Today the Presidio Trust is just making hay while the sun shines; the John Stewart corrupt Property Management Company acting and doing the dirty work on behalf of the Presidio Trust.

From time to time I visit the Presidio of San Francisco. No more Letterman Army Medical Center. No more the clean and neat gardens that once the Army made sure look good with the plants all pruned. Instead you witness folks that look out of place with little morals and an attitude that is far away from the socializing that the Army always held in place and high regard.

Went to El Polin Springs with my friends and saw dog taking a pee all over the place. The filthy owners did not know what El Polin was all about. Had the Army seen what I saw the culprits would have been taken by the Military Police for a good time behind bars? The commercializing of the Presidio of San Francisco is in full force. All that the Army stood for is no more. The few eating-places serve poor food and it is so very expensive and stale. No more the good food you could have at the Officers' Club. No more the Non-Commission Officers Club. No more the canteens and no more Burger King. There is no one single place where you can have a good hot meal tasty meal.

Crissy Field has been turned into a cesspool. More dogs then human beings roam the place and the dogs are happier then their masters because they are having a field day doing their thing with little control from their masters and mistresses.

The National Park Service was given building 102 most of you will remember the building where payroll and all matters dealing with your checks took place. The idiots tore the walls inside and have left the good building in a mess. The same with buildings101 and 100. There is talk the Presidio Trust wants to rent these buildings but it is plain talk.

The only decent intact area is the Veterans Administration Cemetery. With all the cut backs the VA tries to keep the place in good shape. I often go to visit the over 600 Buffalo Soldiers and pay my respects to the many friends that I know are buried there. Often times I will spent some time talking to those that did so much for our Nation. May their souls rest in peace.

The Presidio of San Francisco was once the place where those that wanted to retire would desire to be their last post where they could serve well and give their families the excellent opportunities. I had the privilege to serve as the last Congressional Liaison of Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco. I have fond memories of Col. Crocetti and General Mallory and before him General Harrison. There was Major Bowman and I will never forget my good friend SGM Hansell. I could mention a hundred names but what good what that do.

Recently the Civilian Personnel Office went out of its way to track down many former Civilian employees and had a reunion at Corte Madera Town Park. Over 50 folks responded. Now think about that after all these years! I often get enquires if I knew some one mostly from children of former Army folks that once made the Presidio of San Francisco there home. Some times I wish those that are now desecrating the homes that once were occupied with honorable people could witness the past. That is not possible because the times have changed and the Presidio of San Francisco is now a big Commercial Enterprise.

Presidio more of a haven for families with children

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