Green Parrot.


Just like that some one decided to claim the green parrots of the Presidio of San Francisco and name them the favorite bird pets of Telegraph Hill. Let the Truth be told.

Right by Letterman Army Medical Center by the Lombard Gate but closer to the Bus Stop facing the old Letterman Army Medical Center were six huge eucalyptus trees and within the hollow barrows in these trees the green parrots lived. In the early 1980's you could see four of so but as the years went by many.

While the Telegraph Hill constituents took pride in the green parrots and some good souls fed them; no one took the pains to trace the route and find out where these parrots from South America spent their nights.

I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco and on many occasions saw the parrots late at night and take flight early in the morning. For some strange fact they always chose to fly towards the Ferry Building. But there is no doubt that thousands have seen the green parrots of the Presidio of San Francisco for decades.

When George Lucas decided to cut down the trees that were the abode of the green parrots and a host of other birds; no one said or wrote anything. I did. Even the so called National Park Service that is in the business of Preservation and Protection were silent. George Lucas caused a lot of damage when he chose to uproot some one of kind trees and most of all adversely impact the green parrots of the Presidio of San Francisco.

Woodman, spare those parrot perches!

Parrots have flown the coop

Wild Parrots of San Francisco.

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