Prisoners have rights and we all know that so when the United Stated and Britain abused prisoners in their charge in Iraq and Afghanistan the actions of a few come to haunt us forever.

In the Muslim world this war is between us and the Muslims. What a few of us did and we the so-called liberators have a higher mandate to uphold have soiled our principles for the entire world to see. We may blame the U.S. Military Intelligence and try to run away from the misdeeds but the United States and Britain are fully responsible for the actions and should apologize to the families of the prisoners and to the civilized world citizens.

We are now learning that those under U.S. Forces did not have the proper training to deal with prisoners. We are in Iraq not as oppressors but as liberators. All prisoners should be dealt with as we would want other nations to treat our dear prisoners from our country.

The war on Iraq that we had no business initiating has already caused the United States a drain on our economy. Bush will lose the elections and even if we have another good President - we will still have to deal with trillions of dollars in deficit. Our seniors, children, and those who cannot fend for themselves will all suffer from lack of funding. Hopefully we can create jobs and heal. Bring back our troops.

On the international level no one worth their salt respects those who harmed the prisoners and then chose to take photographs. These acts are despicable and violate the dictates set at the Nuremberg Trials, the Geneva Convention and plain Military Laws which abore such actions.

As the weeks go by many in the media will try to convince the world that they have more information about the abusive conditions in the prisons in Iraq. This information was not available when it should have been available. The media is too concerned with death and destruction and not with compassion. The media has failed in its reporting. In the war itself it is too late for the media embedded as they were in the Iraq war to make good on the misinformation spewed to the general public with channels of disinformation.

We have not found the Weapons of Mass Destruction. We cannot fix the Infrastructure, we now import oil from Kuwait to sell to the Iraqis at 5 cents a gallon, we now have allowed the old regime generals to pacify the citizens of Iraq - we now realize we have no way out and have dug ourselves in a hot hell hole.

Colin Powell and Rumsfield are at a loss for words. Bush tries to make some feeble excuses and no one in authority will admit that they lied to the constituents of the United States.

We did not learn at all from Vietnam. We did not learn our lesson that war brings body bags and mostly affects soldiers who come from poor families. War has increased the number of quadriplegics. Many of our soldiers will be wearing braces and others will wheel themselves in chairs for life. Our leaders have a responsibility towards these women and men who dared to do the impossible.

We have over 760 soldiers killed and the numbers are growing. It is not fair that so many soldiers die and we allow more to die. International troops from Spain and other countries have gone home and the others do not want to stay one day longer.

Iraqis in jail and out of jail should be treated with respect. We are after all the liberators not the oppressors.

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