During the term of Senior Bush and now with George Bush Jr. in the cockpit Environmental Laws are being pushed back and endangered species, real wetlands, air pollution laws, lax laws governing power plants and other plants emitting toxins and pathogens are on the increase. One day Junior Bush will say he really did not know what he was doing and how would he know that dying frogs have so much to say about the state of affairs in the environmental world? He said the same about Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and about jobs, education, health and a myriad of other important issues here and abroad.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is worse off today and employees with the EPA and several other Federal Agencies are at a loss and find it difficult to believe that the Republicans and George Bush Jr. continue to have a nonchalant attitude about real issues and laws meant to protect United States citizens and our environment.

It all stems from the fact that George Bush Jr. stole the elections from Gore. George is there but he is not there - how would he know when he really does not comprehend and pretends that he is somewhere when he has no reality where somewhere is?

Environmentalists all over the world are fighting for standards and here we have a man who knows little of anything agreeing with developers and those who do not want to follow environmental laws creating laws that transfer certain obligations to other Federal Government Agencies who are at a loss for words. The Forest Department will now control certain mandates that belong to the Fish and Game, the Department of Interior certain mandates that belong to EPA, and the Department of Defense certain mandates that belong to the Department of Treasury. We sure are going in the wrong direction and no one worth his or her salt is saying anything. Just like the myths we had about Iraq and which have cost us so much in lives and environmental hardships imposed by Bush on the Iraqis and the world citizens.

This man Bush must go and the time should be soon - gone forever.

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