Police watch protestors by HP Power Plant.


Maurice Campbell and Lynne Brown have always stated that keeping Hunters Point Power Plant in operation is Racist. Hunters Point Power Plant is operated by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). June 11, 2003 Community First Coalition filed a complaint at the Department of Energy and alleged that Cal-ISO and PG&E used flawed data to keep the old, toxic spewing 60 year old Hunters Point Power Plant operational. For years this power plant has harmed the constituents.

The Class Action states that the culprits violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act and DOE regulations 10 CFR section 1040 demanding a more stringent reliability standard for the San Francisco Bay Area. As long as Cal-ISO and PG&E receive Federal Funds they are mandated to abide the rules and regulations laid down in the CFR.

The Mirant Plant is facing with drastic fiscal woes and the City and County of San Francisco led by the ignorant Supervisor from District 10 has a plan to get the City and County of San Francisco involved. Actually San Francisco Public Utilities Commission wants to play a lead role in taking over the Mirant Plant. The simple fact remains that SF PUC has neither accountability nor transparency. It will be very difficult for qualified electricians and others involved in the power plant operations to work for the City and County of San Francisco or SF PUC. The City has no qualified rapport with the Electricians and the Union that defends them.

The Mirant Plant is closer to the Hunters Point Power Plant but again and again there is a false impression given that the Mirant Plant is closer or even on Potrero Hill. So, some constituents backed by SF PUC and on the take fake environmentalists are trying to woo the constituents of Hunters Point and Bayview. They want us to fall in line and place 3, 45 MW Peaker Turbine Engines on Port Property and closer to the Mirant Power Plant to increase the power out put.

In the interim PG&E let out a secret from its Pandora's box. PG&E has applied for over $16 million to retrofit it aging, toxic spewing Power Plant at Hunters Point. The constituents find it all confusing on one hand some fake environmentalists working hand in glove with PG&E have been spreading a false propaganda that the PG&E will in shut down in 2005. But in reality this toxic spewing plant has concrete designs to stay operation until 2010!

By Islais Creek the underground transmission line will connect Mirant to the old PG&E Plant by the forces that want to take control of the GRID backed by Cal-ISO and PG&E.

This transmission line will further link the Jefferson-Martin Sub Station by the Cow Palace, all underground.

Plans are in progress to place PG&E underground utilities under ground on San Bruno Avenue. If a transmission line is accommodated along San Bruno Avenue this line could be tied to the Jefferson-Martin Sub Station. Along Silver Avenue this transmission lone could go all the way to Mission and further to the Larkin Sub Station. All the lines would be underground and gauging from the extra 8 inches utility pipes placed in the trenches I see the designs as I did the designs of the conduits placed under Islias Creek.

There are some activists who are calling for a Community Meeting at the South East Facility at 1800 Oakdale. These community activists are working very closely with SF PUC. It is all right for the community to go check out what is happening and for the organizers to speak and tell the truth.

This community has suffered from the toxic spewing Mirant and PG&E power plants. More so the constituents who have been put in harms way and have been rewarded by paying PG&E bills as high as $600 and $800 a month. Even PG&E officials were shocked to see the PG&E bills and see the numbers for themselves. Imagine poor resident paying so much to survive.

Time to learn the real facts, watch for those wolves in sheep clothing and tell PG&E and SF PUC to act right. There is only so much the constituents will take and we can take no more when now our infants are dying.

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