We should not have ever gone to Iraq to mess with the affairs of the Iraqi Government. Without any provocation the United States under false pretext invaded Iraq to find Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) to date we are still searching.

The reconstruction of Iraq has begun with Prime Contracts going to those close to the White House. Rampant corruption goes on and the task ahead is not as easy as it was in Afghanistan, Bosnia, or any of the countries where the US provided aid.

The Iraqi People have a past history of throwing out those they consider “baggage”. They did it to the Turks and they did it to the British. History will repeat itself and they will force the US out of Iraq. The sooner we leave cutting our losses the better.

Since 1970 Sadam and his cronies on purpose let the general state of the country go down hill. Schools, hospitals, factories, all have inferior equipment and working conditions deplorable. In poor condition waste and clean water plants and power plants. Compounded the excessive heat in summer make conditions unbearable something the Prime Contractors did not take into account.

Right now the hit and run tactics used by the thugs of Baathist Party are disrupting the construction of critical infrastructure to help the country move towards progress. The many civilians working for the Prime Contractors do not like it and many have opted to leave. I do not blame them and as more civilians die - many of the Prime Contractors will fold up. For sure they will make the money because many of them have been paid in advance.

Again and again after constructing and fixing vital oil pipelines, the thugs, blow the vital oil lines - disrupting oil production and distribution. This has been going on since day one and it has been very frustrating. Oil in money but in Iraq a lot of it goes waste.

The Russians, Germans, French and some other countries have better experience working in Iraq. As things stand they cannot work in Iraq because the US does not want them. These countries did not support the war on Iraq and hence the Victor does not want their participation.

Our service women and men are dying daily. Our service men and women are not trained to do police work - they were sent to fight and win the war. They did win the war using superior bombs, tanks, jets, and ammunition.

The Iraqis should be handed over the power sooner then later. We cannot impose our way of living on a people who have been under a dictator for decades. The Muslim world will NEVER expect our way of thinking and living. We think our way is the best and it may be in America which is a large country with many resources that all belonged to the First People - the Native Americans.

The paradox is the Native American is a second class citizen and has not been helped. Imagine if all the Native Americans were recognized and much of that 150 billion dollars we have spent in Iraq were spent in the United States to uplift the First People?

We should have begun with the reconstruction of hospitals, schools, power plants, roads, bridges, waste and clean water facilities in the U.S. before we dared to mess in the affairs of other countries.

Our leaders have lied to us and the penalty these leaders will pay will haunt them for the rest of the their lives.

The most disgusting aspect of this war in Iraq are the casualties that come home - soldiers with missing arms and legs, quadriplegic soldiers, many with severe burns all over their bodies. These women and men did not deserve to suffer for the rest of their lives - because of the lies of Bush, Chenny, Rice, and Powell.

Let the Iraqi people do their own construction and let us bring our men and women home to do a lot of construction right here in the United States. We better learn that we cannot police the world and there is no thing as a Superpower - it is a misnomer.

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