SADAM - JULY 17, 1968

December 14, 2003 Sadam was caught hiding in a small bunker, he offered no resistance. Sadam will be put on trial and hopefully when he is given this opportunity - we the citizens of the world will know more about this monster and his evil deeds.

I still feel we had no valid reason to go to war with Iraq. We had a better justification in 1991 during Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

I know for a fact that at one time during the Iran War we the United States helped Iraq. So, in future we ought to remember and be careful about the deals we make with countries and leaders who do not share our values linked to human life.

July 17, 1968 the Baath Party was formed and Sadam used the Baath Party to carry out his objectives. The United States knew about this since 1968 and before and so did the British. The Baath Party still is powerful in neighboring Syria and we will always have a dilemma on our hands.

We lost over 400 men and women our beloved armed forces during this war where we went into Iraq without direct provocation. Considering that Saudi Arabia is dictatorial and considering many of that nation's citizens were involved in 9/11 - we ought to have invaded Saudi Arabia.

Now it is left to Justice to do what injustice could not fathom. Now it is left to all of us world citizens to remember what civilization means living in dignity and respect. War is a tool that any nation should resort to as the last means to bring justice on matters that affect the majority of any community or nation.

Sadam's capture will reveal many underlining factors. Why did it take us so long to capture him? Where are the WMD? Who else is left and in hiding? How does this capture affect the Muslim world? How will it affect our security in the United States? How will it affect world security? What norms do we have in place to judge world leaders who do wrong? What mechanism do we have in place to tell the truth?

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