I have been attending the key San Francisco County Transportation Agency meetings. I have been getting the best possible feed back from the meetings held at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

MUNI with Vince Harris, Dennis Tsai, and some so called self interested Community Based Organization none of which have a clear track record when it comes to Accountability and Transparency want to share in the piece of a pie that at this time is going no where. That is as far as I can tell. These are times of fiscal constraints yet we dare to waste money.

SFPUC agreed to ACT as the front to funnel $3.8 million to train some folks at this late stage on the on going MUNI 3rd Street Light Rail Project which is a fiasco. Training money in the past has been pocketed and there has been no Accountability. The lead agency that should be investigated is Private Industry Council, which gets its funding from the Federal and State Government.

As long as PIC get one single dollar from the Federal Government it should be Accountable. PIC employees have been having a good time - being wined and dined by the CROOKS.

At the start the Allen Group which has got more then $6 million directly and indirectly to conduct the Public Relations on MUNI 3rd Street Light Rail has messed up and continues to mess up. Of course Willie L. Brown Jr. and his cronies cannot be touched so they think by the Law Enforcement. Time will tell. Time to FESS up.

YCD is in shambles and the present interim Director appointed behind close doors does NOT have the ability to negotiate the $3.8 million training package, which YCD is supposedly, part of. Behind the scene past crooks who worked for YCD are lining up to fleece the taxpayer as the money all originates from the $1.6 billion dollar bond that the constituents of San Francisco passed.

The over $2 billion dollar bond passed by the other counties that SFPUC should use to upgrade the Clean Water Infrastructure. I bet you the YCD Directors do not know much about this deal and if they know - time to spill beans.

Community Based Organization most with a lousy track record in the Bayview will vie for money but pay no attention to Quality work and Standards demanding Accountability and Transparency. Again and again they fleece and cheat the youth and this is plain WRONG!

YCD Board Directors are suddenly shivering in their trousers and skirts. They thought they had something going with cooked up salaries and fleecing the youth that should be served.

For years these pompous vermin have gone Scott free now suddenly they are at their wits end. It is only right that each and every YCD Board Director is made Accountable and understands all the times items on the Agenda that were put for voting and that they without understanding said - AYE. These buffoons some of which I know have done our community a great disservice.

I am calling upon the City Attorney to open the books to the PUBLIC. Also each and every project line item spending. I am calling upon the State Attorney to call the present Interim Director Vivian Warren up and request her to have her books in order so that a proper Accountability is given by a Community Based Organization that has in the passed faked that they serve the community at large in the Bayview Hunters Point.

I am asking the Mayor Office to hold all those responsible for cooking the books to be Accountable. This task is important - less so the circus like atmosphere going on at City Hall at the moment.

At this time we would like to know how many of the Directors live in San Francisco and serve on the Board of Directors at YCD? Also how many of the Directors have been fully involved with passed projects since 1996 involving youth and training. How many millions have been wasted and how many thousands have been spend on half-baked training projects.

Now is the time for the COMMUNITY to know what exactly has been happening all these years? Time to FESS up and come out clean.

The journalists tell me that Mr. Leon Monroe is history. Some crooks ganged up against the poor man and forced him out. The journalists tells me that those that participated in this coup will be written up so that the Public can fully understand how thugerry fosters when the Foxes are in the Chicken Coup and in charge of the present mess.

We see daily lots of she-thugs, he-thugs and now we see Director-thugs. You feel me. I will call it as I see it make NO bones about it.

I do not need anyone telling me stuff. I have my sources at the highest level of Law Enforcement. Let this statement be read and understood by those who intimidate innocent people who I do not bother to ask any questions. In fact those thugs who know me will attest to this clear fact. I am a man of few words and I do have connections on every level.

To the youth I say do the right thing. Do not allow the worst criminals and their actions to take you off course. Stay focused and be good because only the good, the honest, those that sacrifice get the best love. You feel me. It is not easy to fight these vermin but some one has to do the dirty job. I wish there was a third strike for these crooks. Also, remember at all times there are those who love you and that is very important for you all to know. Pause for a moment and think about this.

Mr. Michael Burns I am asking you to look at the line item expenses on the $3.8 million training project. The same holds good for you Mr. Vince Harris and Mr. Dennis Tsai.

Time for some rap ......

Now is the time for you Dennis Herrera to do the right thing. If you need my help please give me a call. In fact today I will be at City Hall. I will be at the LAFCO meeting so come by and say hello to me. I will tell you a thing or two that is cool. Perhaps YCD Directors can go back to school. Those thugs who have done so much wrong - can perhaps sing their last song!

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