All Trust employees who had anything to do with Steve Hood and Terry Carpenter can say - Amen. They are history - they were fired by the Trust to save what ever little good grace is left behind. Soon to follow at the end of this month Bruce Anderson and his entourage.

The Presidio of San Francisco has never ever had so much pain and suffering - meted out to innocent employees as it has under these crooks from Colorado. The Trust Board so far has taken a stand that it is trying to put things on track. I have some news for the Trust Board you all have out done - ENRON. Shame on all of you.

It was totally wrong of the Trust Board to hire James Meadows. It was also totally disgracefull to permit the nonsense that James Meadows and his cronies meted out to innocent, hard working Trust Employees for so long. Vermin from Colorado. The media and many others had to put out the word - that something was really wrong under the management of James Meadows. The web site had to fight and fight for the Trust employees and call a spade a spade.

In the last couple of days hundreds of Trust employees have got their so called severance package - this is wrong. Management should have reduced their number by 60 per cent to be fair. How ever we know life is never fair - the crooks always have their hey day.

Hundreds of Trust employees will now have to seek jobs to put bread and butter on the table. Most of them have wives, children, loved ones to take care of. They have house, car, other bills to pay. In these tough days where good jobs are far and between - these employees will seek hard and find much of nothing.

Life has to go on and the Presidio of San Francisco will recover. How ever I pray not one single person who participated in making so many suffer remains at the Presidio. Right now on my mind I have management and many of them are still there - they should go.

To those who worked hard and are leaving - I say on behalf of many - thank you and God Bless You All.

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