Tonu Shane Eagleton the world's first eco-artist is back in San Francisco for a short vacation and then after some work at the Presidio Nursery building 1243 where some of the red cedar from Alaska will be carved and ready for a final touch up before they are found homes.

The story of the red cedar from Alaska now all extinct that were once wooden pillions were rescued from Port Chicago by Thomas Chasm and then bought off him by Jon Larson and brought to the Presidio of San Francisco.

The large logs were placed in the parking lot by building 1243 and then gradually brought inside the large ware house 1243 where they were carved by Tonu Shane Eagleton.

Since I had some pull at the Presidio of San Francisco I made sure the permits were in order and the Tonu Shane Eagleton was given the freedom to work freely as an artist.

In course of time building 1244 became the Nursery under the first manager of the Presidio Nursery Sharon Farrell. Sharon Farrell had a sixth sense about native plants and nature and towards that end I helped her a bit.

One thing led to another and soon we moved the carved poles using one fork lift at one end and a specially built dolly with a steel flat frame and heavy duty wheels on the other end. We found homes for huge poles one as long as 90 feet at the Nursery building 1244.

Tonu Shane Eagleton is back and this time with Koa Eagleton who has grown up strong and just back from a trip from India. Koa Eagleton has mastered the art of Yoga and has during the last four years mastered the art of carving.

I have seen some of the wooden carvings and I am very impressed. Koa Eagleton has done us all proud by using his God given talent to produce some wonder wood carving and I am looking forward to possessing one of them in the near future. This dream is 1996 that started at the Presidio of San Francisco moved to Hawaii in 2001 when thing did not work out under the Presidio Trust. From Hawaii the vision has moved all over the world and now back to San Francisco in 2007.

Eleven years ago we help organize the First Aloha Festival and displaced the carved logs at that festival. At this festival we blessed the logs and then took them back to building 1243. Moving them when they were fully carved to building 1244 where they have been for a long time.

It was at this First Aloha Festival that I met my web master Joel Skidmore and it was at this Aloha Festival that Joel Skidmore came to meet Tonu Shane Eagleton and review his portfolio.

The future is ours and we look forward to good days and filled with lots of wooden carving and blessings.

Recently I met Koa Eagleton and his father Tonu Shane Eagleton. As we walked in the Mission we took a few photographs. Early two weeks ago I chanced and took some photographs at building 1244 and 1243 on a visit to the Presidio of San Francisco.

Some of the photographs show building 1244 the Presidio Nursery and the other building 1243 were all the logs were carved initially.

You can see some of the wooden carvings at building 1244. We hope to finish these large wooden carvings and then find them good homes.

Tonu Shane Eagleton is the world's first eco-artist and has been all over the world - working on logs that have fallen and even trees that are dead as he did in Eastern Europe. He recently visited New Zealand and Australia. As I mentioned he is now on the Main Land and we hope to see him in action - working on wood and creating works of art.