Iraq and its neighbors.


The media keeps repeating that the majority of United States citizens want to go to war. I think most of these people, if it is true and they want to go to war - have NO clue what they are talking about.

War is something that is called for as a last resort. Any country should go to war only when all other reasonable efforts are exhausted. In the case to Iraq this was not the case.

Again and again we hear this phrase about shock and awe. Shock and awe are concepts that one can garner from watching movies and playing video games. In reality there is no shock and awe but disaster and death. There is NO reality is precision bombing!

Modern technology permits us humans to use it for the good of humanity. Technology should improve the Quality of Life of us all. Again and again the United States has used technology to destroy others in war. We did it in a big way when we dropped the bombs during World War II in Japan. We did it recently in Afghanistan and now we are doing it in Iraq.

When 9/11 brought this Nation to its knees we never expected the enemy to bring harm to us on our own soil. In evaluating our mistakes we clearly found the agencies that were supposed to protect us - asleep. We also realized that most of those who planned this dastardly attack on the United States were from Saudi Arabia.

The paradox is that we have done nothing to Saudi Arabia. This Arabian Nation does not cooperate with us and it is the United States that has made the Saudis rich. Today many fanatical elements in Saudi Arabia are planning the destruction of the United Sates - they call us Satan and evil.

This war in Iraq has impacted the neighboring regions Jordan, Iran, Syria, Turkey, Kuwait, and of course Saudi Arabia. The nations beyond all these nations who border Iraq too are facing consequences many of them harmful to their nations.

There was a time when Iraq was fighting Iran and the United States gave all the help Iraq need to put down Iran. Iran won the war and the United States some how forgot that we were not on the winning side.

The United States was instrumental in helping Iraq on many fronts. Many of our political leaders were good friends with Sadam Hussein but today somehow we do not like Sadam. The United States gave Iraq all the chemical war ingredients it wanted. Now we want it all destroyed.

After the last war with Iraq the United States requested the Kurds to rise up and fight Sadam. The Kurds did at our request but when the time came to support the Kurds - the United States and the Senior President Bush forgot the promise he made to the Kurds and many others. Thousands were killed and thousands more fled.

While some of us in the know that those who rose up were killed by Sadam many of us do not want to blame the Senior President Bush.

This time around the Junior President Bush wants to go a step forward and try to kill Sadam - but he doing so he is also killing innocent children. In doing so he is also putting many of our Service women and men in harms way. When will the foolishness stop?

Even as I am writing this article many of our service women and men are getting shot at. Still many have lost their lives. Some have been taken prisoners and shot.

While this is the time for all of us to unite and be proud of our service men and women - many of us do not want to support the leaders from the White House. They have let down the people and they have let down many fair and honest Nations.

This shock and awe technique will bite us all in the butt. There is nothing like spreading a little firm love and there is nothing like peace. War is for those who have NO clue what life is all about.

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