JUNE 28, 2004

Most Americans have come to realize that it was wrong for the United States to invade Iraq with the pretext to get Iraqi oil. As thing progressed and we lost hundreds of our service women and men we realized we did not want another Vietnam - but the fact is history will record the Iraqi invasion as the worst blunder of contemporary times.

June 26, 1945 the United Nations (UN) signed its charter. The charter clearly mentions that all efforts should be made to seek peace. No where does it encourage the UN charter members to invade another country nor does it call for using force as we did by bombing Iraq with 5000 lb. bombs killing and maiming innocent Iraqi people.

The President of the United States is in Istanbul today June 28, 2004 attending a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meeting. At about the time sovereignty was handed over to the Iraqis - Bush turned to the British Prime Minister and shook his hands hundreds of miles away from Baghdad.

Missing in all these deliberation not an iota of Spirituality. Genuine Spirituality. Bush who claims to be a born again Christian has been so evil in his deliberations that his intentions have divided this world. Which begs the question - is he born again or does he have ways to go before he opens his mouth and shoves his foot - he does this again and again?

The First People the Native Americans wish the people of Iraq the people of Babylon and the place of Abraham the Father of All Nations - god speed and choice blessings. We are one in your suffering.

The events leading to today have harmed thousands and divided the world. It is time the Muslim Spiritual leaders Sunni as well Shiites join forces to bring about genuine change by good deeds and love in their hearts. This is the time for the Muslim world to proclaim to the world the seeds and fruits of civilization from the Babylonian times.

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