Spain pulls out its troops from Iraq and this pull out will affect the general strategy in Iraq. 700 U.S. service men and women have died and the number of body bags will go up if something drastic is not done to bring about genuine change.

We not have 3 books all of which talk about the White House lying and setting a bad example. We cannot preach to the world about doing any good when we lie to our own people at home. Here in the Bay area we said a long time ago bring our troops back and that we did not and do not believe that is was right to invade Iraq.

It is pathetic to watch Bush Jr. unable to answer simple questions. He has made some dangerous decisions without consulting his key cabinet members. He was bold to consult the Saudis against all Sensitive Protocol and he has shown his true colors as someone lacking leadership.

His Father above does not approve of lying or liars. His father above does not approve in killing innocent humans. If Jesus died on the cross it was to show forgiveness and to turn the cheek when one is struck. Non-violence and forgiveness is what the Father above stands for. Iraq is the land of Abraham the Great the Father of all Nations.

It is wrong to drop 5000-pound bombs and harm innocent people. It is wrong to put our innocent service women and men in harms way. It is very wrong to deceive the people of United States and think that the Congress and the Constitution can be trampled upon.

Middle America has done this Nation in but supporting policies that have a foundation based on LIES and FALSEHOOD. Supporting a liar.

Chenney should be stand trial and if he led the President the wrong way then he should resign as soon as possible. If Colin Powell was left in the dark he should resign too and have no blood on his hands. Clark has told us a lot and Wood has sealed the fate of those who have lied to us.

This White House Administration has done this Nation wrong.

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