Who will take a stand? Again and again, as we pass on our journey on this earth, we are called to take a stand, stand for things that are right. Some of us ponder and pass by, others take a stand for what is right. This web site has afford me the opportunity to take a stand, to take a stand against the greatest odds. To take a stand even to the extent that harm has been done to my career by those that practice evil. Nothing has nor will deter me from taking a stand for what is right. Joining me are many supporters who now know the TRUTH.

The Presidio of San Francisco has a long history. Much before 1776 there were inhabitants living on the Presidio. For over 10,000 years the Native Americans lived all over the Presidio of San Francisco. We know them as Ohlone. Yet, when one reads the history of contemporary Presidio of San Francisco, it always begins with the colonization of foreign entities be it Spain, Mexico, or the United States.

Right now there is a big hoopla involving the project at Crissy Field. November 9, 1999 the President of the United States and all those fat cats who contribute to the Democratic coffers will gather at Crissy Field. They will pay homage to a project that desecrates the Sacred Burial Grounds of the Ohlone. In fact certain portions of Crissy Field were spared because we took a stand. Imagine, the power of this web site!

We were the first to state and were even given coverage on channel 4, also known as KRON, facts stating that Crissy Field and the surrounding area were Sacred Burial Grounds, that on this land were Shell Mounds, that it was wrong to build a Playground on Crissy Field. At first the National Park Service (NPS) and the National Park Association (NPA) thought that they were right and that we had no case.

Within weeks a Shell Mound was unearthed. We found out about this fact and revealed the information on our web site. Warren Hinckle was kind enough to take a stand and wrote an article in the local Independent. There was a cover page article in the San Francisco Weekly. Those that were pursuing their devious projects under the cover of night, had to stop and try to do what was right.

The NPS and the NPA had to take notice, stopped the work, the changed their plans. We know that now there is a Shell Mound preserved for all eternity because we took a stand. We took a stand for the Ohlones of the past and made stuff happen!

On another level, the archeologists working for the NPS were hoarding artifacts and other important material in 4 garages just behind the Tides Complex. While some of the artifacts dug out and kept in the garages were from the early 1880Ős and turn of the century, a lot of the artifacts were related to the Ohlone.

Some months ago, in the wee hours of the morning all the garages caught on fire. All the artifacts and documents were destroyed. There was a HUSH the gods had spoken. Evil women and men, devious plans, were all brought to naught! Months earlier at a Restoration Advisory Board meeting it was clearly stated that if anyone willfully participates in the destruction of any part of the Sacred Burial Ground the consequences would be very high. Those that are part of this conspiracy have not seen anything yet. Simply put they have blood on their hands.

So, the President of the United States comes and cuts a ribbon. The waters from the Bay gush and a pool of water gathers. Some call it a March Land Project. Other call it desecration. Who will take a stand?

In life we all are passing through. We all should take a stand for what is right. No amount of money can right a wrong. Spiritual values cannot be bought with money. Who will take a stand?

This web site has allowed us to voice our sincere concerns. There are many who have been informed and have joined us. There are others who are confused and afraid to take a stand. There are others who know that they are doing wrong and continue to participate doing wrong. Who will take a stand?

As we near the new millenium we should be looking forward to progress and the betterment of society. Justice should be afforded to everyone be they Native American, African American, Hispanic, Asian, you name it. Time is running out. Who will take a stand?