Francisco and Mabel Teng


Mabel Teng the Assessor for the City and County of San Francisco is an elected official. Espanol Jackson, Kevin Williams, and I worked hard to get her elected. She is now our Assessor and a great Assessor who loves to bring people together.

I joined Mabel and her great fun loving, hard working staff to celebrate Black History Month. I really felt comfortable talking to so many of her staff, Friday, February 21, 2003. During lunch break the Assessor and her diligent staff celebrated Black History Month and laid out some delicious dishes representing the diverse community that is San Francisco and her staff.

I was making small talk with a gracious African American lady who was a little shy to speak on the occasion. She was in fact facilitating the event. She was dressed well, looked very regal, and I encouraged her to go for it. I told her I did not mind talking about the Buffalo Soldiers. All she had to do was signal me when to speak.

After the potluck lunch Mabel Teng signaled every one into the largest room available and made a small speech. She encouraged diversity and was happy to celebrate Black History Month with the Staff and her good friends.

She called upon Kevin Williams to sing the Old Negro Anthem and he did so with much gusto and sent some good vibrations all over City Hall. I hope some of those vibes affected the Mayor Willie Brown positively who is one floor up. Kevin Williams has graced many occasions and his voice and demeanor bring much goodness wherever he is present.

I spoke about the Buffalo Soldiers and the Corps of Discovery.

Mabel Teng, then led her staff to play a game - first she divided the Staff into three groups. They all had to answer 13 question regarding Chinese New Year - the year it is the year of the Ram. It was fun watching the Assessor's Staff compete and the spirit of camaraderie filling the air.

Some weeks earlier Espanola Jackson had celebrated her Birthday. Mabel Teng was gracious to bring in a beautiful decorated delicious tasting Birthday Cake. Espanola did the honors and every one had a nice time. Most of us worked very hard to elect Mabel Teng - I did for one and she is my good friend. It is always nice, more so to have a good friend as an elected official. Just as Jeff Adachi the Public Defender is my very good friend - so is Mabel Teng.

Black History Month brings us all together - we are all Americans. We must remember that we are Americans first but it is also value the contributions of all ethnic groups. It is always fun to learn the best all children of God have to offer to the Universe. We have had in our City - San Francisco.

Mabel Teng is focused on clearing the back log and bringing the vital dollars to spur the City and County of San Francisco - to add to the dwindling resources and the over 350 million dollar short fall this fiscal year.

Francisco, Espanola Jackson, Kevin Williams

Mabel Teng announced that she will deliver and so far she has. Honesty and Integrity she announced were her principal pillars and so far she has stood by these mandates and her election promise.

Mabel Teng is a fun-loving person but also a very hard worker. If she makes her mind to deliver something - it will be done. I wish we had more people like her in government.

It was really fun to be working with Mabel Teng during the Assessor's Election and winning and celebrating. I have a long history with the Assessor's office. In fact I knew the previous Assessor very well but she was there for too long a time - and towards the end she hard no desire to serve anyone. Mable Teng is full of enthusiasm and wants to do good for our City and County of San Francisco. We all wish her well.

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