Our electrical transmission lines that bring high power electricity into San Francisco and all from the Southern part of San Francisco need urgent repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Our electrical transmission lines within San Francisco have so much leakage that we could recover this wasted energy. We could neutralize the two peaks that so much are made about when our transmission lines reach their peak. We could even shut down half of Hunters Point and some parts of Mirant.

With all the talk about Conserving Energy mostly by White folks, not once have I heard a detail evaluation of our transmission lines? We even have one main transmission line that has been dead for years. This transmission line should have been repaired a long time ago but nothing has been done. It is this type of mentality by those who pretend to help the ratepayer that have caused the Energy Crisis that we have been hearing ever since Deregulation of Energy in California.

Within California we have thousands of business that used primitive machines powered by generators producing energy that leaks. No really study has been done to recover all this ill-spent energy.

Thousands of homes have old refrigerators, fans, light bulbs, and other home appliances that are out dated. No evaluation has been done on a war footing to address this wastage of precious energy.

I spoke before the California Public Utilities Commission. Prior to that I heard these White folks discuss various topics about Energy Power Plants, Natural Gas, and other issues mostly linked to Marketing and making money factors linked to the business of Energy in all forms.

California once belonged to the First People. Most of the land was pristine.

We have large Power Plants fueled by fossil fuels. We have others fueled by Natural Gas. We have some energy created by Solar Power. And as the years go by there will be Wind Power leading the way.

We can also created Energy by using Tidal Power. This is a fairly new concept but it has been created more in Europe. There are other methods of creating energy but I have mentioned some of the major sources of energy that California can produce.

The land that belongs to the First People also known as the Native Americans has lots of natural resources to offer. We could use it sparingly and practice conservation and recycling.

For decades Greed ruled the roast and many would do anything in the name of the Almighty Dollar. Old Power Plants pollute the Bay and the Air in San Francisco as they do all over the world. One should have some spirituality to fully understand that it is wrong for any human being to be put innocent souls in harms way. It is wrong for the Commissioners from the California Public Utilities Commission not to say one single word about pollution. To pass over the topic of Energy Consumption having Marketing Prices in mind but not the Quality of Life issues which should be paramount. Life and death issues linked to old toxic polluting fossil power plants.

In San Francisco we have the San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission also known as SFLAFCo. This commission from time to time has discussed Conserving Energy in the most erratic manner. Some consultants come before the Commission and give presentations, which are far-fetched and unrealistic.

Good planing demands a Blue Print that lays down the basic of Energy Flow and Consumption. Good planning should give us a history of Hetch Hetchy and how this energy is used all over San Francisco. We should have a method that serves the ratepayers and demands Accountability and Transparency from PG&E and Mirant. More so from the SF PUC and CPUC. Also FERC and the Independent System Operators.

We flooded the valley that belonged to the Miwoks, stole their land, created a number of dams, and produced electricity at Hetch Hetchy. The Raker Act mandated that the City and County of San Francisco use the Electricity produced. Twenty years after Congress passed the act some greedy power mongers decided to amend the act. They chose to sell electricity and make money for the General Fund.

In the meantime Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) was given the free reign to sell and increase the rate of electricity year after year.

Today, even as before the PG&E works with San Francisco Department of the Environment and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to cheat the ratepayer. The grant money given to any of these agencies all comes from the ratepayer. The Energy companies over charge the rate payers - some of the Energy Companies get fined - then lo and behold the State gives money to PG&E and the City Agencies to do good by pushing trinkets while all the time the White Boys hire their own to manage these devious schemes.

It is this discrimination that should be adjudicated in court. It is this rampant discrimination that should send many of these CROOKS to jail. If the court system was fair - the deaths of children and others that fall prey to Power Plant toxins should be the responsibility of those who permit it. Sending them to the Electric Chair should be an option.

Our transmission lines both outside and inside San Francisco should be replaced, repaired, and maintained. It is paramount that we conserve energy by replacing old equipment that generates power, much of which is wasted. We ought to do all in our power to replace out dated light fixtures that consume too much electricity. It is important that we address the Energy Conservation with a vision that is not tainted with Greed and selfishness.

The world laughs at us and so do the countries of the Middle East that sell us oil and gas. We pollute our air, water and land. This land was mostly stolen from the First People the Native Americans. Here in California 18 treaties signed by the United States and the Native Americans were not ratified. We cannot and will not do justice to anyone unless we do justice to the First People.

The Strangers are so strange that they pollute their minds and souls even as they have the land, air, and water we all call America. They forget they stole the land and that as they deprived the original inhabitants from taking care of the land - they have forced toxins and pollution on the whole world.

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