The Bayview Hunters Point constituents have NOT been represented well by the present District 10 Supervisor, Sophie Maxwell and her cronies. Again and again CROOKS have cheated the constituents with false promises. This continues to this day with the present Gavin Newsom administration throwing breadcrumbs before those who need help the most.

Maxwell's aide Marti Paschal has left her office for better pastures. Marti was the only decent person who could use reason to address some issues that flood the Supervisor's Office. Sophie has been rejoined by Greg Assay who started as an Aide went to pursue his studies and is now back at his $90,000 plus salary and benefits job.

I was at the LAFCo meeting March 19, 2004 at City Hall Room 250. The LAFCo members consisting of some of the Supervisors want to address the City's Energy Plan. The City has yet to appraise the Electrical System that is fully controlled by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). If the City wants to buy into the Distribution and own the Transmission Lines some one has to appraise the systems and this cost money, which the City has, none with its present deficit.

The legal implication are ernomous and PG&E is resting cool because the City and County of San Francisco can make all the noise but does not have the money. Right now the City has a $400 million deficit and growing. PG&E got bailed out by CPUC with a jackpot of $8 billion.

PG&E are a trillion-dollar industry with more then 90 years in their belt and can take the City of San Francisco for a ride. The City wants to control the City's energy but has no money and cannot control the raising City deficit, which is on the rise. Right now the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and Dog Patch are those who suffer the most from the pollution of the two old toxic spewing power plants.

LAFCo has at the eleventh hour brought in some so-called experts but all they do is throw curve balls. Missing in all the main discussion Sophie Maxwell and her cronies. In fact at the last meeting there was NOT a single person from the Bayview Hunters Point community with the exception of my partner Mr. Andrew Bozeman. There was no one from Sophie Maxwell's office at the LAFCo meeting.

Earlier at the Sophie Maxwell hearings on Energy Issues you saw and heard some of her cronies talk nonsense. The Community Based Organizations, which hover around Sophie, are mostly on the take and have done the Community of Bayview and Hunters Point much damage. They will talk about shutting down the power plants and at the same time make deals with PG&E. These double standards must stop.

The community should watch the proceedings that come before Sophie Maxwell and be very leery of those so-called advocates who are on the take and very close to Sophie Maxwell. Attend her so-called Town Meetings, which she has just started, and call her on her stupid decisions.


We in the Bayview Hunters Point have many serious issues that should be addressed. Foremost among them POVERTY. Over 67% of the people who are homeless and live in the Tenderloin are from Bayview Hunters Point. This is a direct burden on Chris Daly's District 6.

In the last 5 years especially there has been a rampant increase of HIV cases in the Bayview Hunters Point. Hand in hand STD has taken a heavy toll of our youth. These diseases together with the high prevailing cases of respiratory diseases are playing havoc with the community. No one at City Hall is paying attention and the City Health Department - could not care less.

I keep saying that the people of Bayview built the newer wing of the Potrero General Hospital. We built the Southeast Health Clinic. We built the Potrero Clinic and we managed the South of Market Clinic. The money was got when Bayview constituents worked with the Federal Government as a non-profit organization. Later the City just took away the facilities this community built.

Today the City has forgotten what the Bayview Hunters Point community has contributed to the City and County of San Francisco linked to the various Health Programs and to the main General Hospital, which caters to thousands of people. The City is always taking from the Bayview but very slow to give and cooperate.

As escalation of crime in District 9 and 11 is because the thugs from District 11 who now are preying on innocent victims in District 9 and 11. District 9 belongs to Tom Ammiano and 11 to Sandavol. Sophie sees nothing wrong with this. In fact she does not know what is happening.

Some time ago she invited some folks from District 10 to City Hall. The hearing she called on Crime did more harm then good. People were shouting at one another because no one was listening to the victims. Public officials were petting themselves on the back and talking down to the people in Room 250. Youth who came to testify had to wait must 9:30 p.m. to say something. We are fed up of City Officials talking and doing NOTHING.

The frustration of the people was taken on the leather seats at City Hall. The leather coverings, which had just been fixed and clean were all, ruined with graffiti. Sophie knows nothing about this just like she does not know about most anything. Dumb. Some one should take her to task and have the leather seat coverings fixed. Perhaps her crooked mantor Willie L. Brown can have Cattelus Corporation to donate some money.

AB 1187 is a State Bill that wants to create an authority just like the Treasure Island Authority to control Hunters Point. Sophie Maxwell and Mark Leno have not read the recent draft Hunters Point Historical Radiological Report but want to build housing on toxic land that has not been cleaned. Sophie fails to understand that Hunters Point Shipyard is a Superfund Site. Sophie cannot spell radiological if she did she would not be talking from both sides of her mouth.

The Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee has been declared ILLEGAL. The BVHP PAC are defying the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point and want to work with SF Redevelopment Agency to take over most of Hunters Point and Public Housing. It is amazing how some CROOKS always want to harm those who can least defend themselves. Sophie has been help the BVHP PAC and should stop at once.


There are some corrupt so-called Community Based Organizations and all they are interested in are grants and gifts to fill their pockets. The few who stand to fight for the community are far and between and have to make great sacrifices. Sophie will side with the crooks and will have nothing to do with those who speak the truth.

It really does not matter at this late hour what Sophie does. When the law comes down on Sophie she will not see the light of day.

Some community organizations purport to understand the Energy Issues and what PG&E are doing to our community. Many of them have been bought by PG&E. PG&E have been fleecing the community for years. PG&E have been working with City Departments like San Francisco Environment to make money off the innocent constituents who need our help.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has now decided that the Public can control their destiny and help to reduce the use of Energy by using various Energy Efficiency Modes and Models. It is important that the people have the power and the money to address the Energy issues. It is wrong for millions to be given to PG&E to use as Administrative Fees and to pay the salaries of City Employees such as those who work for SFE who care less about the Bayview Hunters Point community. The money should be spent directly to save Energy if at all.

The PG&E affiliates always come to the community with gimmicks. They will exchange old Christmas lights and old lamps for so called better energy saving ones. This method of throwing breadcrumbs is very condescending and the community does not get it. These scumbags should NOT be allowed into the community unless they reveal the line item expenses of the budget or program they are participating in or executing.

When crooks work with The Utility Reform Network ( TURN), which has sold out the constituents of San Francisco again and again - we are in deep trouble. SFE works hand in glove with TURN, which has not done the people of Bayview Hunters Point any good. www.turn.org


The time has come for all of us to unite. Too much time has been lost. We should attend the important meetings in our community and take the City and County of San Francisco to task. We have genuine issues that should be addressed on health, crime, jobs, housing, education, energy, pollution, transportation, safety, extra curricula activities, and each one of you will have your concerns. We have waited for too long and if WE do not do something now - those crooks from outside with the help to SF Redevelopment Agency and the crooked City officials will rob us of our dignity.

Coalition for Redevelopment Reform

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