It is easy to talk the talk but very difficult to walk the walk. When only 29% of the registered voters cast their vote in Bayview Hunters point they gave up their power. So please do not say no one does anything for us in the Bayview Hunters Point - no one will unless we show the world that we vote, we care, and we want to participate in our own destiny.

The Bayview Hunters Point has a very high percentage of YOUTH. We often hear the youth are our future and that they are our leaders. When I hear that I feel that we if really care about our youth we should be feeling with them. What does it mean to feel for the youth - just ask them?

I often chill out with the youth and try to probe their minds. It often stuns me when some one that is quiet most of the time open his or her mouth and tells me stuff that sends chills down my spine. We have talented youth in the Bayview Hunters Point and most no one pays attention to him or her.

In the many meetings I attend many will tell you that I defend the youth and always want superior extra curricula activities for the youth. So far no one is doing too much. We have the YMCA and Chocolate City II. We have Infusion One and Aunt Bea's Center. We have the Gyms on Kiska Road and smaller centers without real activities and NO funding here, there and everywhere.

I sincerely hope that Gavin Newsom who promised he will do this and that will keep his word. If he does not we will march to City Hall and win the support of the Board of Supervisors and display youth power. I know we have Matt Gonzalez on our side and challenge Gavin Newsom to help us all.

To my dear youth I ask you to understand and study the issues. You cannot speak with authority if you do not know what you are talking about. We should stop think about violence and use the energy that we spend thinking about things negative and direct them to things very POSITIVE. We can do it if we try.

If you can make plays and can make some great touch downs more power to you young women and men. If you bring excitement with a Hail Mary more power to you. If you can slam-dunk again and again more power to you. If you can lead and bring change for the good of the majority - you are a leader and we need more of you to bring change.

We need poets and those who can sing and write well. We feel good when we hear good speakers. We want you to be doctors, fire fighters, carpenters, computer specialists, teachers, sport trainers, but most of all citizens who can contribute to Bayview Hunters Point, to San Francisco and to the world.

Check this out. Did you know that Bayview Hunters Point has an unique sound and lyrics that we spin in our rap and our music? The world hears it and wonders where it comes from. The guys come from the East Coast listen to our lyrics and our music - steal it and sell millions of copies and make millions of dollars.

Now if we had it all together we could market our own products and the money would stay in our community. If you sell a million copies of any class music - you got it made but in reality we got it made because the money stays in the community. That holds good for anything. Just think about it.

I am very proud of our youth in the Bayview Hunters Point. I remember some years ago when the police came down on some young kids on Kiska Road. I took up their case and won. I have gone out of my way to say hello and talk to youth on the street and in the schools. I meet them at the Metreon and by telephone.

Sometimes I will stop and talk to Maurice (Moe) and check him out or Samoan Daniel they each have something to contribute. Then there is Herm Lewis and some one especial like Espanola Jackson and they are cool. John Nauer does his thing and so does Rodney Hampton. I could throw names but that is not the point - we need to stick together to make progress.

We must stop the black on black violence. We must stop that shock to find out at the WAKE that one cousin killed another. We have forces and vipers trying to divide us. We have the sense and the street smartness to check it out and holla.

In the last election we had thousands of youth working some working for Matt Gonzalez and others for Gavin Newsom. The important thing to remember was that the youth played a role. Now it is time that the youth go to City Hall and demand justice. We cannot sit and allow things to go down the drain - we call should step up to the podium and make our peace.

We should have good facilities for education and play. Good facilities for studios and cafeterias. Good facilities for music shows and fashion show. Good facilities to pray and graduate. Good libraries and laboratories. You feel me.

Young ladies and gentlemen this world is yours and you can make it. Do not ever feel that you cannot contribute something good that can make a big, big difference. Now is your chance and do not let the opportunity slip by.

I will be check on you all - and remember there are those who talk the talk but it is better to walk the walk. Peace.

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