For the second year in a row Voss an Archeologist who teaches at Stanford is spearheading a group of White youth looking for White Trash near El Polin Spring at the Presidio of San Francisco.

El Polin Springs a natural source of water has been in existence for thousands of years. Its magical powers have known to cure infertility and maidens they say have drunk from the source on Full Moon nights and borne fruit. The fact of the matter is that these waters saved the lives of Whites who landed at the Presidio of San Francisco around 1776 and quenched their thirst. The Whites mostly smelling bad from lack of a bathe had to beg to drink this water and were permitted to do so by the Ohlone.

Much before 1776 and for thousands of years before that the Ohlone roamed freely and had plenty of clean and health water. Lots of food and everything and more one could desire. Then came the sly White Folks and the equation changed - it changed for the worst. Nothing the Whites said was true and every promise made was broken. They spoke with forked tongues and continue to do so today.

El Polin Springs belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone and only they have patrimonial jurisdiction over the Presidio of San Francisco and that includes El Polin Springs. It is a mockery for the Stanford archeologist not to give full credit to the First People and focus on some White Trash and include the El Polin Springs as a side issue and those who inhabited the area for thousands of years.

Stanford should be ashamed of themselves all the more because most of Stanford is built on Ohlone ground. It has archeological exhibits on its grounds and even boasts of the Round House name after the Ohlone.

It matters little to most educated people about White Trash and more to what happened to the Ohlone and their land. History did not begin with White Trash and it is very true that it should begin with the Ohlone.

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