Much before the strangers set their foot on the grounds of what is now called the Presidio of San Francisco - the Ohlone - the First people of the Bay Area lived and bred on its turf - thousands of years ago. The Army was there for a long time. Then came the National Park Service who did a lot of harm. Following them the Presidio Trust which is the personification of EVIL.

Recently many addressed their comments to the Presidio Trust in connection with the Presidio Trust Implementation Plan (PTIP). Many clearly stated to the Trust that this draft document was based on falsehoods. It takes one steeped in EVIL doings to bring forth to the public at large such a document and think that they can get away scott free. We were lucky that the people of the Bay Area saw through this evil.

The December issue of the San Francisco Magazine exposes the Trust and the Trust Director - James Meadows. It is a shame that a PRIME real estate property like the Presidio of San Francisco should be given to some Crooks like the Trust to manage.

These are a bunch of CROOKS from Colorado mostly CORRECTIONAL OFFICERS who have come all the way to the Bay Area and more so to the Presidio of San Francisco to DESTROY the Presidio of San Francisco.

I wonder what the Chairman of the Trust Board and the so called Mother of the National Park Service Amy Myers has to say about the Trust Director James Meadows? I wonder what Nancy Pelosi has to say - more so now that she is the WHIP of the Democratic Party? She after all spear headed the Trust Legislation which permits rampant corruption and makes NO room for accountability.

The Trust Legislation makes no mention of Title V which permits the Federal Employees to bargain with the Trust Management. Minus this important law and regulation - the Trust can hire and fire as it wills and makes no bones about this.

Right now the Trust has no Safety Officer. It does not have a Housing Inspector. The Safety Officer left in disgust. The Housing Inspector was fired. So were several Trust employees who worked hard but were not in sync with the policies of the "despot" and his cronies.

If the Union ask for any explanation the "despot" and his cronies refuse to give it - citing Title V. The Union has at great expense through the Federal Labor Relations Authority taken the Trust to court. This adjudication process is taking place in Washington D.C.

The City and County of San Francisco appointed a Committee of Neighborhood citizens to address many of the falsehoods contained in the PTIP. May environmental agencies have stated categorically that the PTIP makes no sense. There have been radio talk shows, Television interviews all pointing out to the Trust that it makes no sense NOT to treat the Presidio as a National Park which belongs to all the citizens in the United States.

The Trust is bent on building hotels, fancy museums, and other large complex buildings to the detriment of the National Park.

The Trust has created an organization much like the MAFIA. You disagree with them and out the door you go. Umpteen employees have been thrown on the streets - not so much for not doing their job well but for pointing out to the Trust that they are CROOKS. I said it way back in 1995.

There are about 10 projects and more that the TRUST has spent over 400% rehabilitating buildings and doing other minor repairs. A long time ago I brought to the attention of the PUBLIC how millions were spent on playgrounds. Sprinkler systems installed in a manner that they failed to work. The sod costing thousands was then removed and the sprinkler system reset in place to work. Even after all the work and money spent - many of the playgrounds are worse off today then they were when the Army operated and cared for the playgrounds.

Congress had better revisit the Trust Legislation and change those portions that permit the CROOKS to make hay while the sun is shinning. I hope the present Trust Board Members fully understand that each and every one of them is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for backing the "despot". He has to go. He has to take a hike!

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