Young Community Developers (YCD) get most of their funding from Private Industry Council. They also get a lot of funding in the millions from the City and County of San Francisco. YCD is a Community Based Organization and can boast of many leaders in the community who worked hard to make YCD what is it today - Shirley Jones, Toye Moses, Claire Rogers, others.

Perhaps no one has done more to put YCD on the map then Dwayne Jones. Dwayne Jones chose to walk away from YCD and today the organization is in shambles. But did Dwayne do right in the last few years? Did he make the right choices by the community? Did he get got up in the power trip and he is close to being investigated?

An open issue to note is that the Community is consulted at all times and should be instrumental in formulating and solving the issues that affect the majority in the community.

For years YCD has shouted from the rooftops that it is the community and the lead agency that will bring progress to the community. This has been all noise and little action that can be measured in terms of Accountability and Transparency.

As a matter of fact YCD gets most of its funding from programs that are run by its sister organization Chocolate City II. YCD cannot for a moment stand on its own with Accountability and Transparency and state before the LAW that is it doing right as far as using money from the programs that it does not operated - yet purports that it does.

Millions of dollars have been funneled to the wrong people and many get salaries, which do not commiserate with their talents or experience.

Right now there are two vestiges of YCD one receive $11,000 in consulting fees every month. Another by the last name of Gray works for the University of California San Francisco and continues getting around $7000 or more per month from YCD as consulting fees.

Chocolate City I was formed in those days when it was difficult for Negroes to do anything right. When it was formed in and around 1973 by stalwarts such as Claude Everhart, Cleo Rand, and others the purpose was to empower young people. The founders were honest people and the mission objective was right on target. They had no funding but they had sacrifice and love on their side.

In those days anything the Negro did was suspect. So as fate would have it Chocolate City I was shot down - the White folks simply equated it with the Black Panther Movement.

Today Chocolate City II under the able Directorship of a Samoan Warrior John Nauer does what it next to impossible. Nauer continues to have faith in God and with a 30% staff brings all the bread and butters that YCD and Chocolate City needs to survive.

The paradox Young Community Developers gets the real bread and butter and the bread crumbs are thrown at the Chocolate City II bread earners. This discrimination must stop at once.

We have good men that work for YCD - Hanif does an excellent job but he does not know the crooked facts that have been hidden below the bushel of corruption. Hampton goes with the flow but the reality is that something stinks in Denmark.

African Americans have always got their principles and ethics straight in past years when they were targets of discrimination. Most of the moral high ground and ethics comes from the Church. Before God and Man once should not stab anyone in the back. If we do so we undo all the good Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for. This month is Black History Month and the right month to put things in perspective.

The new Director of Young Community Developers is at a loss. As days turn to weeks to months he is learning about real corruption and cannot stand the stress. The death of his mother and other personal issues will not deter him - he will seek out the crooks and remove most of the cancer. Leon is a good man who has been put into the wrong place without any warning or clue.

He needs the help of the community and does not need the stress from the crooks.

Former YCD and some present employees were involved in the Voter Fraud that is being investigated. People were told that if you vote for Matt Gonzalez you would be out of a job. Such nonsense is uncalled for.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way. If one is crooked please do not have anything to do with the youth. The youth are our future leaders and we do not want anyone who is corrupt and evil to taint our youth. As it is we have sufficient nonsense hovering around.

To the new Director of YCD I say get rid of the cancer. Plant a new seed and have nothing to do with those who have blood on their hands.

Community Based Organization should have their books open. Each and every program should have a line items break down. Each program funded should have accountability and transparency. It is wrong to SLAVE some so that others sit on there fat assess and get paid. Totally wrong - you feel me.

The statistics mentioning 500 or 1000 youth sounds nice on paper. White folks love statistics that is what their world is all about. We cannot use Black Folk and youth to get money to line the pockets of crooks. That is and has been happening at YCD for a long time. More so in the last 5 years.

Private Industry Council should be investigated. The Board of Director of YCD should be investigated. Each and every one of them should be held accountable. Do not run away from the corrupt situation of which you all were a part off.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the City Attorney, the Community of Bayview Hunters Point should stand behind the new Director of Young Community Developers and help weed out the corrupt. Soon there will be a series of articles in the major newspapers about the crooks that have sold the community.

Most Community Based Organizations in the Bayview Hunters Point have been on the take. This is plain wrong and the nonsense must stop right now.

It is a shame in these times of fiscal constraint so much damage has been done. Who are these so-called consultants making so much money on the back of Blacks who are suffering? The average income in our community is around $15,000 and here these folks are making over $100,000 by false means acting as consultants.

There is a God and there is justice. Those that have screwed this community should be told not to come into our community anymore. And for sure most of them had the blessings of the most corrupt Mayor of San Francisco, Willie L. Brown Jr.

Private Industry Council we need an Accountability of the millions that have been wasted. The San Francisco MayorŐs Office we need to have your books checked from 1996 to 2003.

Time has come for all round Transparency and Accountability.

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