The youth in the Bayview are some of the most talented in the world. For years the talent has been proven in music, sports, education, organization, art, and in many other fields.

In recent years thanks to very corrupt politicians like those who seat on the BVHP Project Area Committee. The corrupt Sophie Maxwell who has let down the community because her roots are in the PanHandle by Haight Ashbury. She is on the take and will not do anything much for you - youth. This is a great shame. She has to go.

Now is the time for you all to take control of your future. It is a shame but the fact is that many of the older generation have set a very bad example. Now, it the time to get rid of the corruption and stand for what is right.

It is not right and it is not true that most people feel that only bad comes from Bayview Hunters Point. I meet hundreds of youth and most of them are great. I see and hear the best poets. I hear and see the best rap. I see many going to school and getting good grades even though they are challenged. I meet many leaders who live and lived in the Bayview.

What I do not see is our leaders providing opportunities for good jobs. Providing opportunities for extra curricula activities in a healthy and safe environment. Perhaps only the Muslims by Revere and 3rd Street and the Hill and John Nauer at Chocolate face reality and provide our youth with the best they can offer in a safe environment.

The recent killings I blame on the politicians who want to intimidate the gangbangers. They do not offer them anything positive except challenge SNITCHHES TO COME FORWARD. It is this type of nonsense that makes things worse. How about SAFE ZONES? How many do we have in the Bayview Hunters Point?

I am challenging Gavin Newsom to offer the youth opportunities - give the youth the opportunities and let us see who wins. Give us extra curricula activities and see how safe our neighborhoods become. Let the youth work with City officials on our terms. We do not want stupid City Officials talking down to us. We are fed up with preachers from the over 56 plus Churches who only preach and can do nothing. We want action and we want it now.

It is a shame when we see and witness Rev. Cordell Hawkins with intent try to run the corrupt BVHP PAC. It feels us with great sorrow to see Sophie Maxwell make a fool of herself again and again in public. Right now she is in favor of placing 3 Turbine Engines which will pollute Bayview Hunters Point. We do not want extra Power Plants - we can do with the Transmission Lines that are already in place.

Hunters Point music is being stolen by crooks on the East Coast and sold in the millions. If our City Fathers and others had the heart they would have helped our youth. No one cares - not even Gavin Newsom who is out to exploit the community with his gimmicks. A clear signal the Willie L. Brown Jr. cronies who follow him everywhere and who are NOT respected in the community.

The Bayview Newspaper tries to do something but most of the youth action is from the East Bay. We need to organize and put on more music and fashion shows in the Bayview Hunters Point. We, after all have the best talent and have proved it again and again without the support of the politicians and crooks that divide the community.

I am challenging the youth to take control of the community and use your talents to make good stuff happen. Leave the crooked politicians and other corrupt people to swim in the cesspool of corruption. Move on and let good stuff happen - now.

Let the youth from the Bayview be on the Youth Commission and make a change for the better. Write in the Bayview and tell the world what you think is the matter and how you and others can offer change. Write to the Editor of the Chronicle and Examiner and tell them that there are good things that happen in the Bayview Hunters Point. Now is the time to take charge and make good stuff happen.

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