Francisco by Legion of Honor, Shellmound Peace Walk.

NOV 7 - 25, 2005

Kudos to you all for this Peace Walk
Paying homage to those that went before us
In life we have those that are alive
And then we have the living dead
To some is given the Mission to give Life
To awaken the senses and sprout goodness
We can traverse so many paths
The good ones and the worst
Today we see death everywhere
In Iraq, Niger, Darfur, and here in the United States
It is the Buddha in us that should take the lead
The Grandfather
The Great Spirit
Those that are alive and the living dead
Let us make the eternal choice
We have One choice to make today
Unite and save the human grace
Our path is difficult but not impossible
As all of us have learned from this Peace Walk
I could have joined you all everywhere
But could not as I was frail
I tried to hobble when I could not walk
I tried and met you at the Alcatraz dock
I am here to wish you well
See you next year strong and spiritual
I want to see that glimmer in your eye
Your soul ready to tackle the walk and vie
For goodness, humility, and humanity
My dear friends — I wish you well

  Francisco Da Costa
November 25, 2005
San Francisco

Wounded Knee by Ohlone Shellmound at Emeryville.

In prayer Morning Star, Emeryville Ohlone Shellmound.

Shellmound Peace Walk Ends with Vigil and Prayer.

Shellmounds Walkers by Executive Park.

Shellmound by the Cliff House.

By the Holocaust Monument in San Francisco.

On Alcatraz Island, Meeting of the Tribes.

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