Vote No on Prop J

$8 Million Hike Ramrods SFPUC

Voter Fraud in San Francisco?

Communicating Methane Gas

What About Our Infrastructure

Cruise Ship Workshop

Hunters Point Is a Mess

500 Dead and More to Follow

Immigrant Workers

llinois Movable Bridge

Negative Declaration on the Housing Element

Prosthetics and Our Soldiers

SFPUC Crooks At It Again

San Francisco After Matt

A Change in the Wind

San Francisco Op-Ed

Community Benefits and the Combustible Peakers

City of San Francisco Embraces Time Bomb on Hunters Point Shipyard

Raising Up Our Youth: Building Safer Communities

Selection of San Francisco Police Commissioners

Heather Fong San Francisco's First Woman Police Chief

Officer Isaac Espinosa Killed in the Line of Duty

Here is the Plan That the Crooks Have in Mind

On the Frontlines

City Gears to Build 1600 Housing Units on Toxic Dump

SF Department Heads Move Out the Door

Jeff Adachi

The Living Dead

Middle Point/West Point

The Lying Bushes

Toxic Peakers to be Sited at the Mirant Power Plant

United We Will Not Be Defeated

MOED Out to Demean Bayview Hunters Point

Sophie Maxwell Hearings a Mockery

BVHP Project Area Committee Illegal

Irresponsible PUC

First Progressive Conference

Private Industry Council

CBO Under Scrutiny

$3.8 Million Scam Shot Down

YCD Directors Flip-Flop

Young Community Developers

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Link to "Please Believe the White House"

San Francisco Port Authority Makes Poor Choices

SF Redevelopment Poised to Prey on the Poor

San Francisco and the Fake Housing Element

Mental Illness Services Cuts in San Francisco

The Budget Crisis

Polynesian Club at Balboa High School

Abraham the Father of Nations

Prisoners in Iraq

Hunters Point Parcel A Requires a Fresh EIR

Muwekma Ohlone and the Hunters Point Shipyard

Transbay Terminal Caltrain Extension Fiasco

Pacific Gas and Electric Shafts Ratepayers

Sophie Maxwell Must Go

Islais Creek and the Chorus Frog that Defies the Crooks

Changes for Sunshine Laws Installed for Better Times

The Fiasco at Thurgood Marshall High School

Earthquake Preparedness and San Francisco

Sunshine Laws in San Francisco

Freshmen College Students Fall Prey to Politics

Mission Bay for Sale

San Francisco County Citizens Advisory Committee

Taxpayers Fund City Jobs for Youth in San Francisco

Iraq a Sovereign Nation

Economics, Environmental Justice and the UN

The United Nations — A Past That Comes to Haunt It

United Nations in San Francisco


Budget Crises in San Francisco

Our Youth

Who Will Pay for the Conduits Under Islais Creek?

Samoans — Meeting of Mind, Heart and Soul

Thurgood Marshall High School in San Francisco

BVHP Project Area Committee Clueless

San Francisco Last When it Comes to the Environs and What is Best For All

San Francisco School District Lacks Principles

Poverty Pimps Also Known as CBOs Fleece Constituents

San Francisco and the Planning Department That Kills the Community

SF Port Connives with LEJ to Harm Our Children

Jeff Adachi Make Magic at Bayview Park

Hetch Hetchy in Peril

Yerba Buena and Highrises in San Francisco

Corrupt Foundations that Prey on the Mentally Ill

Lennar BVHP is History

San Francisco Planning Commission in Turmoil

Angela Alioto and the Homeless

San Francisco and the Youth Commission

In the Chambers of the People

Chris Daly Saves the Day with People Power

Public Access to Records and Meetings of Nonprofit Organizations

Rasputins and the Homeless in San Francisco

Our Poor On Parade

Yasser Arafat


SF Back on Track Fiscal Woes Sidetracked by Voters

Informal Meeting with the American Indian Council of Mariposa County

Solar Power 2004 in San Francisco

Shoot For Proposition L and Local One of a Kind Theaters

Chloraminated Water

San Francisco's Election Department Has No Credibility

Presidio Trust Gets Six Months on Sewer Contract

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Miwoks Meet SFPUC Commissioners and Dialog

Earth Day

The Right to Free Speech

Homeless Folks Still Treated with Disdain in SF

Building Inspection Commissioners Dis Jim

Mayor's Offices of Economic and Community Development Lack Focus

Dubious Care Not Cash Fails to Address Homelessness

Ciao Karol

The Iraq War Makes No Sense

Over One Thousand Five Hundred and Growing

Peskin Thinks He Can Make it Tick with a Short Stick

Laguna Honda Hospital

Inauguration 2005 - Hope

San Francisco's Corrupt Politicians

Brown Bombers Award Banquet

Aaron Peskin and the Gavel

Matt Gonzalez Seeks Greener Pastures

Tsunami - USS Abraham Lincoln

President Bush Shows His True Colors - Tsunami

Tsunami and Humanity


Moving Beyond War to a Global Community

The Cutting of Trees and Climate Change

San Francisco Juvenile Probation Department

San Francisco Unified School District Board Meetings

Portola District — A Unique Neighborhood

SF Board of Supervisors Under Aaron Peskin a Joke

Creating a UN Peoples' Parliamentary Assembly

Black Panthers, Mau Mau, and the Buffalo Soldiers

World Environment Week

Faulty Traffic Document Stumps Lennar in the Butt

Youth Opportunities in San Francisco Gone Bonkers

Citybuild is a Mess

Mayor Gavin Newsome Has No Clue When It Comes to Priorities

Ed Lee Is Now City Administrator and Bill Lee Is Out the Door

Public Officials Including the SF Board of Supervisors


Private Industry Council and Past PIC Board Members Yo-Yo!

The Diversity of San Francisco

Magic in the Bayview

Time to Get Out of Iraq Now

Peace Conference Ends on High Note

Association of World Citizens: World Peace

Landmark Status and Historic Districts in San Francisco

San Francisco City-Wide Green Business Program



Balboa High School Students Try to Understand Power Plant Pollution

San Francisco Police Commission Fails Constituents

Union Busting in San Francisco

Mental Health Services Act

Lennar BVHP Uproots Mature Trees

Better Neighborhood Plus Ordinance a Joke

Jerry Garcia Amphitheater

Mental Patients in San Francisco

Mayor Gavin Newsom's Emblematic Problems


Blacks Sitting Waiting for Trees to Grow

San Bruno Fair

Politics in San Francisco

The San Francisco Brown Bombers

Rampant Killers in San Francisco With No Immunity (4/25/07)

Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice a National Disgrace (4/16/07)

Perverts Galore in San Francisco (3/27/07)

Intertribal Friendship House (3/15/07)

The Safety Committee (3/14/07)

Many Pimpernels Roost at City Hall (2/2/07)

Treatment Not Incarceration (1/30/07)

William Lee, Former CEO of San Francisco (1/17/07)

Lennar Corp Off Track and Out of Whack (1/12/07)

Eastern Neighborhood Plan and Bayview Hunters Point (12/30/06)

Someone at City Hall Has Blood on His Hands (12/20/06)

Freedom of Information Act (12/10/06)

Senator Leland Yee (12/5/06)

City Fails to Keep 49ers (11/22/06)

Targeting Urban Youth as Terrorists (11/12/06)

Should the 49ers Leave? (11/11/06)

SFRA Brought to Its Senses (9/18/06)

Samoan Flag Day 2006 (8/7/06)

Bayview Constituents Keep Getting Shafted by Newsom (8/3/06)

Sellout Mayor Newsom Out to Get Shafted in the Bayview (7/2/06)

Islais Creek Bridge (7/2/06)

San Francisco Lacks a Sound Crises Team (6/30/06)

Newsom is Playing with Fire Using SFRA (6/25/06)

Second Flood Hits Portola District from Broken Mains (5/6/06)

Black on Black Violence Plagues Hunters Point (5/2/06)

Homeless Youth in San Francisco Get No Help

Better Neighborhoods Plus a No Brainer

DPW and the Famous Restroom at Arleta and San Bruno

Board of Supervisors Fail Constituents of San Francisco

A Response to the Artists Community in San Francisco

Public Housing in San Francisco

Do We Really Care About Our Students in San Francisco?

Lennar's Ploy to Build 10,500 Homes (1/22/09)

Barack Obama (10/7/08)

When the Big One Hits (9/12/08)

Obama For President (8/28/08)

Public Power in San Francisco (7/24/08)

We Say Clean Up the Entire Shipyard to Residential Standards (7/12/08)

The State of Black San Francisco (6/29/08)

The Million Dollar Heroin Bust (6/22/08)

Crime on the Increase in San Francisco (4/14/08)

The Bayview and 2007 (12/22/07)

Closed Door Policy of Gavin Newsom (10/10/07)

Louis Jackson (9/30/07)

Power Ten Years and Going (9/17/07)

2007 Environmental Justice and Air Polution Workshop (9/8/07)

Lots of Grading and Earth Shifting on Parcel A (8/24/07)

Black Leaders in the Bayview Fallen in Disgrace (8/20/07)

San Quentin Correctional Facility and Reality (7/27/07)

Good Riddance of Very Bad Rubbish - Marcia Rosen Resigns (7/23/07)

Ongoing Heist at Mission Bay in San Francisco (7/9/07)

No Hope for Poor with Housing and Mayor Newsom (6/17/07)

The Movement to Drive Lennar BVHP LLC Out of Our Community (6/17/07)

Aboriginals in Australia (5/11/07)

Three Shootings Too Many (5/11/07)

SF Organizations Beg For Breadcrumbs Before the BOS (5/10/07)

The Cultural Divide: Gangs, Killings and Shootings (4/29/07)

The Failure to Support Community Response Network with a Viable Blueprint (12/01/12)

Minority Voters Send a Strong Signal in Electing President Barack Hussein Obama (11/12/12)

San Francisco's Office of Emergency Services (10/31/12)

Corrupt Forces Taking Control of Our Playing Fields and Recreational Facilities (10/22/12)

San Franciscans In Large Measure Did Right In the Ross Mirkarimi Case on October 9, 2012 (10/09/12)

The San Francisco Unified School District (10/09/12)

White Collar Crimes and Public Resentment (11/19/11)

The Growing Filthy Rich and the Very Poor (11/19/11)

An Oriental Orientation of Sorts in San Francisco (11/14/11)

Our Resources in the Bay Area and Beyond (11/01/11)

San Francisco County Transportation Authority (11/01/11)

SF Supervisors Arrogant (10/23/11)

San Francisco Deserves the Best Leadership (10/15/11)

Wall Street Treats Most Folks Like Slaves (10/03/11)

The Financial Crisis Looming on the Horizon (09/24/11)

Why Should SF Suffer with Poor Representation (04/01/11)

Lack of Leadership in San Francisco (04/01/11)

Inept Entities in the Southeast Sector (02/25/11)

Leadership With No Viable Plan (02/16/11)

The Changing of the Guard in San Francisco (01/24/11)

We Must Embrace 2011 Even as 2010 Has Allowed Us to Win and Make Progress (11/22/10)

How to Choose a Mayor When You Do Not Know How in San Francisco (11/22/10)

Our World in a Flux (11/17/10)

Lack of Accountability in All Our Major Projects in SF Totaling Over $30 Billion (11/12/10)

SF City Hall Sets Sail with the Wind in Front of Them (10/12/10)

Several Ohlone Villages in and around Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (06/16/10)

The Pathetic Legacy of Mayor Gavin Newsom (05/31/10)

Racial Tensions in San Francisco (04/19/10)

Workforce Training in San Francisco Is a Mess with Citybuild Wasting Millions (04/19/10)

No Summer Classes Puts Youth in Jeopardy (03/29/10)

Truancy Among Youth in San Francisco (03/07/10)

Sustainable Practices in San Francisco (10/24/09)

Quality of Life Issues in the Bayview (10/14/09)

The Bayview Hunters Point Beyond 2010 (09/20/09)

Plans Are Afoot to Steal Land (09/06/09)

2009 Economic Crisis (02/21/09)

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Politics of Division

101 Caring for this Earth

Link to "Halliburton's Iraq Contracts Excede $1.7 Billion"

Link to "Saving Face, Losing a War: VIew from the Left"

Link to "Davis' Ratings Dip to New Depths"

Good Riddance of Bad Rubbish

Odai and Qusai

Link to "Pentagon Retaliates Against GIs Who Spoke Out on TV"

The U.S. Cannot and Should Not Dictate to the World

Our Rights!

Link to Peaceful Revolution Network

Link to Electronic Frontier Foundation Analysis of USA Patriot Act

Link to ACLU Press Release

WMD Link to "Pentagon Dodges Damage Claims from War's Victims"

Depleted Uranium


Our Service Personnel

Iraqi Children










Peace in the Middle East

Shock and Awe

War is Full of Pain

Killing Innocent Children is Wrong


400,000 March Against War in Iraq

Link to "Technology Creates a New Form of Activism"

Gulf Wars Poster

"Let me explainify..."

Space Shuttle Columbia


Throngs Protest - No War!




Kandahar Sets the Tone

Hamid Karzai and the New Afghanistan

Link to "Interim Agreements and Afghanistan"

Link to "Buddha"

Link to National Geographic Tracks Down Afghan "Cover Girl"

Link to Movie on Afghan "Cover Girl"

Link to Council in Foreign Relations

Afghanistan Today

Too Many Precious Lives On the Line in Iraq

Wake Up America!

Reconstruction of Iraq

Saddam - July 17, 1968

Depleted Uranium

One Too Many Dead

Willie Brown Down and Out

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tsunami - Help

Tsunami - Concern

Tsunami and Hope

Bush Has No Clue as to Why He Chose to Invade Iraq

Our Soldiers Should Not Die in Vain and Without a Higher Cause

55 Million Say No to Bush

Olympic Soccer: Iraq defeats Portugal

Transfer of Power in Iraq

Spain Pulls Out From Iraq

Shocked in Awe

Waste Management and Conservation in the Bay Area

The Big One; Are We Ready in SF?

Waste Management in San Francisco

Let's Put SF Office of Emergency on Notice

Better Neighborhood Plus Legislation Full of Holes

Katrina and Infrastructure in San Francisco

New Orleans and its Fate with Katrina

The Voice of the People in San Francisco

Polynesians Visit California

Pacific Islander Leadership Retreat — May 27-29, 2005

The Pacific Islanders Club Graduation - Class of 2005

Code of Silence — Asian Pacific Islander Gangs

Balboa High School Polynesian Club

Malcolm X Spared the Ax

Mayor Wants to Keep Malcolm X Elementary Open

Magic in the Bayview with Jeff Adachi and Company

Mabel Teng Resigns

Blessing Nauer

Balboa High School Lose Championship to Lincoln

Balboa High School Make It To the Championship

56-7 Win Puts Mission High in the Playoffs

Portola District and Sophie Maxwell

SF Mission High Bears Put Their Best Paw Forward

Balboa High School Rides on a Wave for Success

Ecology, Migration, Mutation and Death

The Iraq War is Not Worth Dying For

MTA Citizens Advisory Committee in San Francisco

American Football at Mission High School

Calvin Louie For Treasurer of San Francisco

Vietnamese Returning from Refugee Camps in 2005

Mission High Aims to Make It Big This Season

Vietnamese Boat People Arrive in LA

The Big One

Restoration Advisory Board to the Hunters Point Shipyard (4/28/07)

Meeting of the Tribes at Garfield Park on Earth Day (4/21/07)

Fourth Annual Frontline Conference (3/29/07)

The East Palo Alto "Goin' Smart" Youth Summit - 2007 (3/10/07)

East Palo Alto Peace and Unity March and Rally (2/4/07)

Potrero Hill - Public Housing (1/29/07)

Youth Empowerment Conference 2007 (1/21/07)

Glen Cove in Vallejo (1/12/07)

A Sad Reflection on the United States of America (12/15/06)

Lennar Corp Simply Does Not Get It (11/28/06)

Lowell Makes Good with Last Second Field Goal (11/11/06)

Garfield Park and Outreach for Peace and Understanding (10/6/06)

Margaret DeOcampo-Eisenbise (10/2/06)

San Francisco and the 4th Utility (8/24/06)

USO and Clement Brown (8/21/06)

Fa'Samoa All the Way (8/3/06)

Naiveté Has Broken Down Safety in San Francisco (7/20/06)

Oliver Leftiti aka Big "O" and Fabrication in the Press (7/6/06)

The Dynamics of Any Retreat (6/25/06)

Fiona Ma a Sound Winner (6/7/06)

Joseph Lee Recreation Center (5/25/06)

Third Annual Pacific Islander Youth Leadership Retreat

Polynesian Club at Balboa High School (5/19/06)

Darfur Some Hope After Three Years of Horror (5/6/06)

San Francisco Economic Strategy

Proposed New 49er City Will Not Fly Without Compliance


Fiona Ma

SF Port Authority a Threat

Eminent Domain the Bayview

Pacific Islanders Community Meeting in San Francisco

City of San Francisco's $5.34 Billion Budget

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Year 2006

Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods 33rd Annual Dinner

Video Clips - Caravan4Justice

Caravan for Justice (2/19/09)

Lennar and Corruption

Oscar Grant (1/17/09)

Black Student Union - SF State (12/11/08)

Stop Lennar Action Movement (10/5/08)

Twenty Thousand Units in the Pipeline (9/20/08)

The AIGA1 Retreat at the YMCA (8/23/08)

Grace Tabernacle Community Church (6/29/08)

San Francisco's Human Rights Commission and Bayview Hunters Point (4/14/08)

Why Is San Francisco Health Care Service in a Mess? (3/4/08)

Signature Validation and on to Victory

100% signature validation is next step for Bayview Affordable Housing Initiative

The Stalwart Espanola Jackson - Bayview Hunters Point Advocate (2/9/08)

Espanola Jackson's 75th Birthday celebration

The SF Economic Strategy

Bay Area Islander

Black Students Unions (12/15/07)

Recent Oil Spill a Disgrace (11/14/07)

Supervisor Ed Jew Website

No Economic Analysis But Lots of Paralysis (10/4/07)

2nd Annual Reentry Summit (9/17/07)

BMagic in the House (8/25/07)

Aloha Festival - 2007 (8/4/07)

Vallejo Inter-Tribal Council 12th Annual Pow Wow (7/30/07)

Brown Bombers Fourth Annual Family Event (7/22/07)

Some Black Leaders - Total Sellouts in the Bayview (7/20/07)

Bayview Hunters Point in 2007 (7/4/07)

Great Ocean Road - My Trip Down Under (5/28/07)

Family Reunion Down Under (5/18/07)

This Nation Has Adversely Impacted Thousands in Iraq (5/3/07)

Immigrants Without Papers in San Francisco - Stay Here (5/1/07)

Han Hing Herbs Company (4/29/07)

Nuremberg - The City That Means a Lot to Me (10/21/12)

Vienna - The City That Has Made History (10/14/12)

Florence and What It Offers the World (10/03/12)

Rome is Rome and It Is All in the Eye of the Beholder (10/01/12)

49ers Tried But Did Not Go to the Superbowl (01/22/12)

Edwin Lee Mayor of San Francisco (01/08/12)

We Must Not Forget the Era of Hooverville (11/27/11)

Are We Poised in San Francisco to Plan for the Future with
Honesty, Transparency, and Accountabilty?

Central Subway Lack of Accountability (10/27/11)

The Debacle That Is Iraq (10/24/11)

The Poor We Will Always Have (10/16/11)

San Francisco's Sunshine Task Force and its Inept Ethics Commission (09/23/11)

The United States and the Rights of Native Americans and their Sovereignty (04/03/11)

Community Policing in San Francisco (02/23/11)

Notice to the Powers That Be Linked to District 10 and the Surrounding Area (02/14/11)

Neighborhood Parks Council Fake Town Hall Meetings to Revitalize Communities (01/30/11)

Where Is the Moral Conscience Today? (01/17/11)

Thousands of Youth Charged as Adults (11/26/10)

Doled Out Commission Appointments (11/19/10)

A Super Power Falling in Disgrace (11/15/10)

Treasure Island Development Authority a Bunch of Jokers (11/06/10)

Developers Jumped the Gun and Shot Themselves in the Foot (10/18/10)

Global Village
(PowerPoint presentation)

It is Time to Bring All People Together (05/06/10)

Senator Leland Yee Kick-Off Campaign (04/10/10)

Chowchilla Valley State Prison (12/07/09)

Chowchilla Valley Women's Prison (11/12/09)

Peace Day Celebration at Chowchilla Valley State Prison for Women (10/19/09)

RAP - Respect All People - Whakamana Tangata (10/7/09)

Big Developers Behind Gang Injunctions (09/19/09)

Caravan for Justice III (05/28/09)

Caravan for Justice II (3/27/09)

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Housing Element

Willie Brown and the HP DDA

Dishonest PUC

Hunters Point and the DDA

Hunters Point Shipyard

Link to "Straight Outta Hunters Point"

Link to "Protestors Want Construction Jobs"

Muni Fails to Get the Message

Bayview Community Takes a Stand

Link to "Fallout"

Link to "No More Urban Gardeners"

No Leadership in the Bayview

S.F. Port and the Back Lands

Strategic Plan on Asthma
(Adobe Acrobat Reader Format)
Free download:
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Link to "Construction of Muni Line Means Congestion, Dust and Disruption"

Bayview in Dire Straits

Article on Moffet Field - Wetlands Cleanup
Microsoft Word Format

Link to "Sam Jordan — Popular Bayview Tavern Owner"

Enola and Sophie Maxwell

Link to "Enola Maxwell — Activist, Advocate, Supervisor's Mom"

Link to "Port Officials Accused of Misconduct"

Link to "Bayview Hunters Point Residents Hit Hard by Asthma"

Keeping Hunters Point Power Plant Open is Racist

Link to "Hunters Point Island of Safety Separates Two Gang Turfs"

Link to Mecresources

Angela Alioto

Link to BVHP Excluded from Energy Efficiency Fund

Link to About SFPUC

Link to Hunters Point Shipyard Wastewater Final Study Plan

Diabolic SF PUC

Greedy Suckers Power Mongers!

HUPSDA Hearings Stayed

Hunters Point Shipyard Development Authority

Link to "Ethics Panel Eyes Redevelopment Role in Hunters Point"

Link to "Bill Introduced"

Link to "Hallinan-SFPG Tensions Date to 40s"

Link to "Brown's Reputation is on the Line"

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard

Link to old photos of Hunters Point

Link to "No Grieving for Black People on City Time"

Link to "Last Boat Repair Shop in Hunters Point"

Link to "Critics Gasp for Air After EPA Decision"

Link to S.F. Prospector

The Debacle at Pier 92

Yet Another Bridge

Link to "S.F. Looted Water System".

Link to "Fallout: The Past is Present"

Link to "Burning Mad"

Link to Election Fraud Investigation

Link to "Danger of Diesel Exhaust"

Link to "Protest at Summit: Needs of Poor Not Addressed"

The Russians Visit Bayview Hunters Point to Dialog the Environment

Hetch Hetchy and the $1.6 Billion Bond This November

Link to "Largest Bond May Get Dammed Up"

Economic Development in Bayview Hunters Point

Eyes of Death (Article and Photo)

Muni LIght Rail - A Snake With Many Heads

Link to Community Planning: Neighborhoods

City Hall

Link to Espanola Jackson Speeches

Environmental Projects in Bayview/Hunters Point

Conference on Crime Prevention

Link to "Peacekeepers Try to Calm Bayview"

Link to "Expansion Plans for Bayview's Sewer Plant Causing a Stink"

Link to "S.F. Slayings Go Unsolved"

Hunters Point on Fire Photographs

Link to "SF Mayor Makes Offer to Hetch Hetchy Users"

Link to "Neighborhoods Divided Over Home Depot Plan"

Hunters Point on Fire

San Francisco and the Public Utilities Commission

Link to "After Complaints, Police Work to Improve Relations"

Link to "A Call for Good Policing"

Neighborhood Conference on Crime Prevention

Link to Southwest Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command

Bayview/Hunters Point and the Presidio of San Francisco

Islais Creek and Another Movable Bridge

The Muwekma Ohlone and Bayview

The Circle is Complete

Link to "Ohlone Indians"

Link to "California Native Americans"

Link to "Taking a Gamble"

Link to Islais Creek Facilities

Link to: "City Balks at Bayview Stink"

Link to Hunters Point History

Judge Urbina Backs Muwekma

Espanola Jackson and Bayview

Hunters Point and the Muwekma Ohlone

Opposition to Animal Lab at HP Shipyard

Jeff Adachi Future Public Defender

Hunters Point Crowd Denounces Police Terrorism

Youth and Environmental Justice

Youth In Action Photos

Link to "Parents Outraged by S.F. Cops"

Environmental Justice

Link to "Leno Ties Enactment of Hunters Point Shipyard
Development Authority Act to Passage of City Resolution"

For a copy of the BVHP Plan in Microsoft Word format,
send me an email.

BVHP Plan in Browser Format

Link to "Hunters Point Community Mourns Aunt Bea"

Link to "Five S.F. Cops Face Internal Charges"

Mayor Says He Wants Full Probe of Allegations by City Workers

Sophie Maxwell's Dog and Pony Show

Link to: "Willie Brown's Legacy: FBI's 5-year City Hall Probe
Yields Few Convictions Amid Cries of Political Meddling"

Link to: "PG&E Bailout Deal Lands Lawyers $227 Million"

Time to Kick Out SF Redevelopment

Walk the Walk

Machination Ushers in Gavin Newsom

Matt Wins Mayoral Race

Lennar BVHP LLC Corrupts Hunters Point DDA Process

All Islanders Gathering As One

Link to: "All Islanders Gathering as One For Matt Gonzalez"

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and Hunters Point

Building Bridges

Link to: "Arrested Development"

Link to: "Gonzalez Courts Ethnic Votes with Opening of Two Offices"

Matt Gonzalez

Hunters Point CAC Does Lousy Outreach

Link to "Davis Declares End to State's Energy Crisis"

Nine Billion Dollar Bailout

Get a Grip on the Grid


Rate Payers Taken for a Ride

Last Ditch Effort

Corruption by Design

Recall Sophie Maxwell

Youth In the Bayview

Time to Rein in the Crooks in Bayview Hunters Point

Link to "S.F. Rejects Prop J for Affordable Housing"

Load Forecasting and Power Flow Analysis

Link to "Raw Sewage Floods S.F. Neighborhoods"

Link to "Cleanup Wizard in a Messy Scandal"

Hunters Point Land Grab

An Implosion of Killings in the Southeast

Walk the Walk

Link to "Fallout"

Link to "Angela's Angst: No Apologies"

All Islanders Gathering as One

The Precautionary Principle

Link to "Port Failed to Mention $10 Million Upgrade"

Link to "Restoration Advisory Board"
(Acrobat Reader Format)

Link to "No CTs in the Southeast Letter"

Link to "Power Flow and Load Forecasting Draft Consensus Statement"

Link to "Programs Pit Jobs Versus Gangs"

No High School in the Bayview

The Polluting Stacks

The Southeast Sector Has No Hazmat Emergency Plan

Lennar BVHP Holds One of Many Community Benefit Workshops

No Jobs for Skilled San Franciscans in San Francisco

San Francisco City Officials Lead CBOs Down the Drain

49ers Owner John York Tries to Bring Peace to Bayview

Human Rights Commission in San Francisco an Utter Failure

Muni Third Street Light Rail Shafts Constituents

Crooks Back the Three Combustible Turbines

Hunters Points is Indeed the Worst Superfund Site in California

Sophie Maxwell Keeps On Blaming Others

Biased Bayview Reporting by Reporters Mostly White

Families Distraught with Fear and Little Hope in their Hearts

Brand New 115 KV Underground Transmission Lines in the Bayview

District 10 Supervisor Brags and Challenges Recall

Brown Bombers Throw a Nice BBQ and Everyone Feels Good

Link to "Mecury and Power Plants"

Link to "Facts About Dirty Air"

Hunters Points a Time Bomb Waiting to Explode

The Fealofani Festival

Gentrification and the Ouster of African Americans in the Bayview

Canard Factors in All of Lennar BVHP LLC Dealings

SF Board of Supervisors Condone Corruption

Comments on the DEIR Linked to BVHP Redevelopment Projects and Rezoning

Quality of Life Issues in the Bayview

SF Health Commission Ignores Bayview Community

San Francisco's Loss — The Ouster of Edward Smeloff

Deficiency in the City Master Plan
Adverse Impacts on Bayview Hunters Point

Draft EIR for the Bayview Hunters Point
Redevelopment Projects and Rezoning

Susan Leal Has All the Makings of a Catastrophe

Administrative Complaint - Hunters Point Shipyard
(Adobe Reader Format)

Islais Creek Stinks to High Heaven With Half Treated Sewage

SFPUC the Worst Agency When it Comes to Waste Water Discharge

Our Children Are Dying in the Bayview

SF Redevelopment Shafts Bayview and the PAC

Dear Governor Schwartzenegger

Mostly Disgruntled Whites Stake So Called Shipwright's House

Malcolm X School Slated to Close — But Will It?

SF Supervisors Fail Constituents on Health and Safety Issues

Communicating Methane Forces Navy to Shut Up and Lennar to be Forced Out

No Priorities When it Comes to Quality of Life Issues

A Few Corrupt Blacks Ruin Bayview Hunters Point

SF Redevelopment Shafts Bayview Hunters Point

Barbara Hale Will Fail When It Comes to CTs in Our Community

Sellouts in District 10

Hunters Point Shipyard Parcel A

San Francisco and the Police Commission

Susan Leal Speaks at Southeast Facility Commission

Opinions: Hunters Point

San Francisco Poised for World Environmental Week

The Truth About Hunters Point Shipyard

San Francisco Lacks Concrete and Practical Energy Policies

Lennar Wins Crooked Deal to Develop Parcel A

Visitation Valley Community Facilities and Infrastructure Fee and Fund Ordinance Will Fail

A Year at Malcolm X: School Spared for Now

Mayor Gavin Newsome Let Us See if You Have It Right?

Heron's Head San Francisco's Toxic Park

Community Policing

Time to Rebuild City's Waste System

Muwekma Ohlone Land All of Hunters Point Shipyard

Brown Bombers Family Event a Blast in the Bayview

Damone Hale Resigns From Young Community Developers

Hunters Point Power Plant — Time for Closure

Random Bullet Kills Hero

Polynesian Students at Balboa High School Shine at Cultural Event

Barbara Hale and Susan Leal and the Death of Our Infants

Balboa Students on the Front Line

Inmates' Kids Rewrite Destiny

Project Opportunities for Communities in the Bayview

The Southeast Facility at 1800 Needs Major Revamping

Polls Mean Nothing When It Comes to San Francisco

MUNI Third Street Rail Going Nowhere

Arc Ecology and Conflict of Interests in the Bayview

49ers City - The Last Frontier

Blood and Tears in the Bayview While Crooks Deceive

Spin in the Media Brings Divisiveness in the Bayview

Environmental Racism

The Southern Waterfront and Development

CAA Plan Analysis

San Francisco and its Tryst with Sophina and Toxicity

A Year at Malcolm X

SF Waste Management and Garbage Rate Hikes

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Corruption

Islais Creek Intermodal Bridge

The Sellout Supervisor Sophina Maxwell

Tony Hall Asked to Resign by TIDA Board of Directors

Bayview Hunters Point, Facts, Racism, and the Last Frontier

Why Fire Tony Hall, Mayor Gavin Newsom?

Executive Park and the Damsel Sophina Maxwell

Treasure Island Chief Decries Development Delay

Black on Black Killings

Strategic Plan on Asthma

The Wall That Divides Hunters Point Constituents (3/27/07)

More Lies About 900 Innes (1/16/07)

The Schlage Lock Company Planning Workshop (1/14/07)

Superior Court Filing (12/29/06)

Muni 3rd Street Light Rail (12/22/06)

Violence Prevention in San Francisco (12/22/06)

Islais Creek Bridge the Purveyor of Pollution (11/22/06)

Redevelopment Commission Halts Work on Parcel A (11/22/06)

Our Youth in Peril (11/05/06)

Communities of Opportunity (10/7/06)

Enough is Enough (10/16/06)

33,000 Plus Signatures Demand to Be Counted (9/27/06)

SFRA Lick Your Chops Sans Gravy (9/3/06)

BMAGIC 2006 (8/28/06)

Bayview - Espanola Jackson and District 10

Community Policing in San Francisco (8/27/06)

BVHP Community Response Network (8/10/06)

Lennar Jumps Ship (8/9/06)

Executive Park and the Saga of the SF Plannning Department (7/25/06)

AIMCO Dubious in Nature With Tennants at Hunters Point (7/19/06)

Farmers Selling Produce on Third Street on Saturdays (7/18/06)

Youth in the Southeast Sector of SF Shafted (7/5/06)

Brown Bombers Family Event (6/10/06)

Black Churches Fail Black Youth in the Bayview (5/26/06)

California Energy Commission Listens to Diatribe (5/24/06)

Crooks Tearing Buildings as SFRA Prepares to Gentrify (5/7/06)

Sell Outs Mostly Blacks Adversely Impact Bayview

Select Committee on Ending Gun and Gang Violence Full of Hot Air

SFPUC Lies and Defies Logic

San Franciscans Unite to Stop Land Grab

Golden Eagle — Philly Steak and Now No More

Black Cuisine in the Bayview

Negro Removal

Islais Creek Prepares for the Bridge of Doom and Pollution

Devisiveness by Mayor Gavin Newsom in the Bayview

Hunters Point Shipyard Still Has Radioactive "Hot Spots" U.S. Navy disbands RAB

Hunters View a Tryst with Destiny (5/24/09)

Letter to Gavin Newsom

Mayor Gavin Newsom Tours the Cities Touting LIES and Faking Facts in his Run for Governor (3/20/09)

Steeped in Morass Mayor Gavin Newsom Fakes Experience and Stumbles in his Cesspool (3/13/09)

Sellouts Galore in the Bayview (1/31/09)

Hope SF a Ploy So Devious (1/26/09)

Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) (1/12/09)

Liquefaction and San Francisco (12/14/08)

Environmental Justice and Human Rights Workshop (10/11/08)

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to HPS (9/23/08)

Workers and Community Join Hands at BBQ at SF State Park (9/13/08)

The SF Health Commission That Is Naught (8/5/08)

Ed Harrington Comes to the Bayview (7/23/08)

AIMCO Must Deal with the Community and Help the Workers Now (7/11/08)

All of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard Must Be Cleaned to Residential Standards (7/7/08)

New Parcels on Hunters Point (6/29/08)

Willie Mays Boys and Girls Club (6/18/08)

Proposition F is Winning Big Time (5/28/08)

Lennar a Rogue Company Doomed to Failure in Bayview Hunters Point (5/8/08)

Proposition F stands for Fortitude and our Future

Proposition F Stands for Fortitude and Future of San Francisco

Affordable Housing in the Bayview (4/12/08)

Affordable Housing Requirement For The Candlestick Point and
Hunters Point Shipyard Mixed-Use Development Project

Apartment Investment Management Committee (AIMCO) (2/29/08)

Southeast Commission Meeting in the Bayview (2/27/08)

Expenditure list for all the world to see

Over $1 Million and the Community Still Wins (2/24/08)

$650,000 by Lennar and Community Still Wins

Toxic Terror in San Fancisco

Islais Creek Intermodal Bridge Too Narrow (1/20/08)

A Long-Neglected Cleanup (1/7/08)

Our fight to oust Lennar will continue in 2008 (1/2/08)

Final Letter from ATSDR - Parcel A

A Tryst with Destiny and the Bayview Hunters Point (12/29/07)

How Some Blacks Set the Clock Backwards in the Bayview (12/15/07)

Lennar Reduced to Junk Bond Status

Grace Tabernacle Community Church

No More Fossil Fuel Power Plants in Our Community (10/20/07)

Joseph Lee Recreation Center (10/1/07)

Huge Trucks and Toxic Dust (9/10/07)

Farmers' Market on 3rd Street (9/6/07)

Mayor Gavin Newsom No Moral Compass and Less Leadership (8/31/07)

The Joseph Lee Gym Fiasco (8/25/07)

Lennar/BVHP: Notice of Violation

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (8/12/07)

July 31 Hearing Before the BOS at SF City Hall (8/4/07)

Historic Land Use Hearing (7/9/07)

The Mostly Black Sellouts in Bayview Hunters Point (7/7/07)

Thugs Work With Developer to Intimidate Innocent Folks (6/29/07)

Save the Family Day (6/24/07)

Many Sell Outs in the Bayview Hunters Point (5/9/07)

Trans Bay Cable Project (4/28/07)

Bring Back the Muni 15-Third (4/14/07)

Huntersview and Adverse Impacts to the Community Living in the Vicinity (11/14/11)

Shenanigans in the Bayview Hunters Point (11/04/11)

An Open Letter to the U.S. Navy on Parcel E-2 (10/24/11)

Occupy San Francisco Is Here to Stay (10/21/11)

Poisoning of the Bayview Community (09/26/11)

Shenanigans Linked to Hope SF in Bayview Hunters Point (09/23/11)

Quality of Life Issues in Jeopardy (02/17/11)

Lennar Earns Vallejo Title of a Dying City (02/10/11)

The Movement of the Commons in Bayview Hunters Point and Beyond (12/19/10)

Lowes to Pitch Tent at 491 Bayshore Blvd. Home of Former Goodman Lumber (10/18/10)

Three Large Tracts of Military Bases Abused by Very Corrupt Politicians in San Francisco (10/04/10)

Development for Development Sake at Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point (06/12/10)

BP Like Catastrophe Will Hit Hunters Point (06/06/10)

Candlestick Point and HPS Phase II (05/25/10)

Workforce in San Francisco (04/26/10)

San Francisco Planning and its Labor Council (04/10/10)

Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point - Fast Tracked (03/29/10)

District 10 Fails to Attract One Single Candidate Who Comprehends the Issues at Hand (02/22/10)

Sophie Maxwell Uneducated On Issues (02/14/10)

Hunters Point RAB Dissolution Recommendation

Hunters Point RAB Decision Memo

Hunters Point RAB Notice of Dissolution

Restoration Advisory Board Disbanded at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (09/06/09)

Candlestick Recreation Area (09/03/09)

CARE complaint - BVHP Shipyard

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Fifth Annual Portola Festival (10/21/07)

San Bruno Festival (10/1/06)

Dead Trees on San Bruno (09/14/06)

Trees on San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco (07/17/06)

11th Annual Junior Solar Sprint Challenge (05/28/06)

Portola District Neighborhood Map

Letter from the Department of Elections

Businesses on San Bruno Avenue

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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Link to "Bay Area Leads Revolt Against Scientific Journals"

Link to "Hunters Point Shipyard Wastewater Treatment Study"

Link to "Angry Constituents Trying to Oust Supervisor Sophie Maxwell"

Historical Radiological Assessment and Hunters Point

Benny Buffano and the Missing Art at Valencia Gardens

Back to Deregulation

Link to "Glimmer of Hope in Bay's Grim Report Card"

City Planners Irk San Franciscans

Angela Alioto

SFPUC Continues to Belittle San Franciscans

Link to "Southeast Residents Fight Against Power Plants"

Link to "U.S. Eases Air Pollution Rules"

Link to "S.F. Looted Region's Water System"

Bottlenecks CAISO Responsibility

Transmission Lines in Our Backyard

Link to "Electricity Returning to East But Big Gaps Still Remain"

Link to "Grant Helps SF Revive Abandoned Park Windmill"

Link to "It Could Happen Here: California Vulnerable to Blackouts"

California Public Utilties Visits Bayview

Four Combustible Turbines

Wind Energy in the California Market
(Adobe Reader Format)
Free download:
Adobe Reader

The Foolishness of the Moment

Racism of the Highest Order

Link to "SF Seeks to Build Four New Power Plants"

Link to "Judge Gives Agencies Sixty Days to Cut Pollution"

Our Transmission Lines Need Attention

Link to "Fish Caught in Bay Contain High Levels of Contamination —
EPA Warns Public to Limit Take"

CPUC Commissioners

Link to "S.F. Task Force Has Plan to Fight Deadly Ashtma"

Why Should Anyone Trust PG&E and San Francisco PUC?

San Francisco Port Authority

Link to "Audit of Port of San Francisco Sought by Two San Francisco Supervisors"

Project Implementation Plan for the San Francisco Peak Energy Pilot Program
(Adobe Reader Format)
Free download:
Adobe Reader

Link to Tox Town

Link to San Francisco Community Journalism Project

Link to Environmental Protection Agency Public Involvement Policy

Link to "White House Removes Logging Hurdles"

Link to "State Claims S.F. Pier Project Violates Law"

Link to "Navy Admits Burning Radioactive Fuel at S.F. Shipyard"

Link to Executive Order: Federal Actions
To Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations
And Low-Income Populations

Environmental Pimps

Umbilical Cord Connects PG&E Plant to Mirant

Link to "10-Year Study Finds Bay's Water Cleaner"


Link to "New Requirements for Storm Runoff in Bay"

Toxic Soil At 1701 Cezar Chavez

Moving Toxic Soil Around Bayview

Environmental Injustice Plagues Hunters Point Shipyard

San Francisco Port Authority Embraces Cruise Industry

A Tryst With the Elem Nation of Clear Lake


Death of Innocent Children

Alternative Fuel Program and MUNI

Link to "Bush to Overhaul Environmental Protections"

Power Plants, Location and Corruption

Link to "San Francisco Offered Four Power Plants"

Mission Bay Flouts Environmental Laws

Mission Bay

San Francisco's Port Authority

SF Redevelopment Agency Memorandum on Plan Amendments

City Energy Plan

Seven Activity Nodes

Chorus Frogs

Islais Creek

Energy Questions Go Begging?

Critical Mass


Link to "Golden Gate University and Pollution Issues in the Bayview"

Link to "UC CEQA Handbook"

Sellouts in the Bayview

Link to "No More Combustible Turbines in Minority Communities"
(Acrobat Reader Format)

California Energy Commission and Bayview Hunters Point

Link to "Nothing Magical About City Before 1906"

Heron's Head Park

No Vision and Leadership in the Bayview Hunters Point

Free Electricity for Public Housing — The Raker Act

Parcel A Transfers to City and With It — Liability

Link to California Department of Toxic Substances Control

Link to SoMa West Interactive Neighborhood Group

Link to California Historical Society

Link to Mark Fiore animated cartoon: Duck Season

Link to "Fish Company Wins Battle With SF Port"

Ballast Water From Cruise Ships and More

Progress Foundation Acute Diversion Units

Link to "San Francisco Environment Code"

Quality of Life Standards in SF and Seniors

Link to "SFRA fined $175,000"
(Acrobat Reader Format)

Link to "Toxic Air Pollutants - Mitigation"

Link to "Dirt Piles at Pier 92"

Link to "Breath of Fresh Air"

SF Port Authority Accountability and Transparency

Port of San Francisco Consent Order
(Acrobat Reader Format)

SF Redevelopment Commission Meets in the Bayview

Literacy for Environmental Justice Meets Defeat After Defeat

Resolution Before the CSFN to Stop LEJ
Building the Living Classroom at McLaren Park on Open Space

Oxidizing Smokestacks

Park Too Toxic to Use

Friends of McLaren Park — A Reply to LEJ.
(Adobe Acrobat Reader Format)

Link to "Park Flourishes in a Tough Locale"

Literacy for Environmental Justice Just Won't Go Away

Republicans Push Back Environmental Laws

San Francisco is a Transit First City

Ignorant SF Board of Supervisors Fails Again

San Francisco Port Authority Defies Logic on Pier 98

San Francisco Port Authority Simply Does Not Get It

San Francisco Mistakes Cost Us Millions

Friends of McClaren Park Oppose LEJ Plan
(Acrobat Reader Format)

Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ) Defies Logic

No Clear Plan on Solar Projects in San Francisco

Link to "Kenyan Woman Wins Peace Prize"

World Environment Week in San Francisco - June 2005

Global Warming Will Affect San Francisco Within Five Years

Link to "It's Time to Imagine Hetch Hetchy Restored"

Link to "Restore Hetch Hetchy"

Miwok Truth as Opposed to Fake History

Contemporary Miwoks Look Ahead with Positive Vibes

Contemporary Miwoks

Environmental Issues and San Francisco Officials

Hetch Hetchy - The Miwoks and Destiny

Link to John McLaren Park, San Francisco

The Public Trust Doctrine

Jefferson Martin Transmission Line Transmits Fairness

Open Space and EJA Grants

Link to "Seeing Red Over Green Building"

Link to "Real World Education"

Rate Fairness Board

Mirant Will Not Go Away

Susan Leal Facing a Tsunami

Justice Cries to High Heaven the SFPUC Cannot Discern

SFPUC Projections of Water Use in the Future!

Creeks and Lakes in San Francisco

All About Water and More

Streamflow Gains and Losses Along San Francisquito Creek

SFPUC Water System Demand and Purchases

The Healing Waters of Hetch Hetchy and the Miwoks

Why Establish Creek Buffers
(Adobe Reader Format)

Water Quality, Stewardship and the SFPUC

SFPUC Commissioners Have Failed San Francisco

No Power Plants Anywhere in San Francisco

Susan Leal and her Cronies Poised to Lead SFPUC Down the Drain

Barbara Hale Cannot Bail Out Susan Leal

Clean Water Enterprise Fund and the SFPUC Audit

SFPUC Lacks Clear Policy on Hetch Hetchy

Solar Power Should Be Clean Without Dirty Politics in San Francisco

Solar Power is Here for Sure

No Clear Plan to Address Energy issues in the City and County of San Francisco

Racists Focus on Building 3 Combustion Turbines in the Southeast Sector

Empowering Youth in San Francisco

Jim Hutchinson Supporters Back Him All the Way

San Francisco's Health System in 2005

Link to Phase III SFPUC City Audit: Clean and Waste Water Management

SFPUC Falls Flat on the Face

Audit Critical of SF Water Pricing

Susan Leal Makes a Fool of Herself in Front of BAWSCA Directors

Susan Leal Defies Community on Combustible Turbines

LEJ Continues to Adversely Impact Youth at Pier 98

Shimmick to Construct Illinois Street Intermodal Bridge

San Francisco Closer to Particulates and Further Away from Clean Energy

Hetch Hetchy

SFPUC Changes Plans in Midstream

Cost Soars for Hetch Hetchy Fix

San Francisco and Earthquake Prone Areas

Five Workshops and SFPUC No Nearer to Making Any Sense

Audit: Hetch Hetchy Enterprise
(Adobe Reader Format)

Keep It Simple Stupid - SFPUC

Muwekma Ohlone Park and Sanctuary

Anticipating The Big One

CAISO Board of Governors Promise Hope

The Closure of Hunters Point Power Plant

SFPUC Fakes Constituents with Draft Energy Plan

War on Our Streets and Killings Galore

San Francisco and the Recent Killings and Shootings

Is Our San Francisco Juvenile System Broken?

National Report on Human Exposure to Envirnomental Chemicals

Incarcerated Samoan Youth Lack Community Support

BVHP Constituents Do Not Accept LEJ's Fake Moves

Susan Leal the Ultimate Liar

WED Turned Week Full of Dog and Pony Shows

New Stem Cell Lines Created by Cloning

World Environment Day

We Now Have the Stem Cell Center in Our Back Yard

Too Early For Boom From Stem Cell Center

The Bridge at Fourth and King

LEJ Fails Our Youth

About 800 Homeless Move Inside with Care Not Cash

Death of Environmentalism

Balboa High School Students Tackle Pollution Issues

Frog Species Dying Out

Fake Wetlands and Crooks Vying for Money in the Bayview

Recycling and the First People

Intermodal Bridge at Illinois Street and Pollution

SF General Hospital and Mayor Gavin Newsom

Mental Patients in San Francisco and Proposition 63

Susan Leal Liability to San Francisco

They Found Their Nobel Inside the Stomach

SFCTA Citizens Advisory Committee Rubber Stamps

San Francisco Port Commissioners Have Blood on their Hands

Living Classroom for Bayview

Sophie Maxwell and Jake McGoldrick - Scumbags (3/6/07)

California and Earthquakes

Regional Climate Action Workshop - Metrocenter (2/17/07)

Alice Griffith Housing (2/8/07)

Water Utility Climate Change Summit 2007 - San Francisco (2/4/07)

Climate Change in San Francisco (1/27/07)

SF Redevelopment Agency Inept and Corrupt (1/18/07)

San Francisco Has No Sound Transportation Document (12/15/06)

Waste Water Treatment Plants in SF Will Fail Us in 2010 (11/24/06)

Office of Emergency Services and Lack of True Leadership (10/6/06)

Lennar Exposes Children to Asbestos on Kiska Road (10/6/06)

Mostly Black Sell Outs Help Lennar on Parcel A (9/30/06)

Poor Leadership at SFPUC (8/22/06)

Safety Under Mayor Gavin Newsom in Jeopardy (7/25/06)

Public Housing Tenants Exposed to Toxic Soil Daily (7/10/06)

A Socio-Economic Report That Benefits All San Franciscans (7/10/06)

3620 19th Street (6/26/06)

Dubious Activities on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (5/27/06)

San Francisco - The Particulate City

Rare Photographs - 1906 Earthquake

What the Big One Will Do to San Francisco Right Now

BAAQMD Worse than the Worst Particulates that Kill Life

Garbage Rates Renewed Every Five Years by CCSF

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Air Pollution

Environmental Issues in the Bayview Hunters Point

Global Warming and San Francisco

Muni Metroeast Continues to be Built at Toxic Park

Community Policing Today

Mayor Says No On Funds to Delay Closing of Schools

How Green is San Francisco? (2/1/09)

Hunters Point Community Youth Park (1/17/09)

Power Plants in San Francisco (10/26/08)

Black Sellouts Ruins Bayview (9/19/08)

Sell the CTs and Junk the CT Plan (7/24/08)

Atomic Wastes All Over Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (7/12/08)

Lennar and Vallejo

Hunters View and Related Issues (6/22/08)

Minister Christopher Muhammad Exposes Toxic Terror : Part 1

Minister Christopher Muhammad Exposes Toxic Terror: Part 2

Beyond Toxic

Promises and Reality

Lennar's Mess on Parcel A and Due for Default (2/25/08)

Affordable Initiative Gathers 11,118 Signatures (2/4/08)

The Affordable Housing Initiative (1/21/08)

The Bayview Jobs, Parks, and Housing Initiative (1/21/08)

Failed San Francisco Office of Emergency Service (12/26/07)

Gang Injunctions (12/12/07)

A Congressional Hearing on That 58,000 Gallon Oil Spill (11/19/07)

Mirant Term Sheet and CTs

Letter to BAAQMD from Michael Boyd (11/5/07)

Lennar and Homes of Toxic Land

Oil Leaks by Wharf 10 at Fisherman's Wharf

Juvenile Justice Reform: Forty Years After Gault (10/28/07)

Fake Response by CDPH and ATSDR

Halt the Project and Test the Children

Report from the ATSDR and CDPH

ATSDR letter to SF Health Department

San Francisco Today (10/3/07)

Free Jena Six


Two Killer Stacks By Mint Plaza at Fifth and Market (9/16/07)

66 Asbestos Exceedances on Parcel A

Notice of Violation - Parcel A

Superior Court in Hunters Point

Interview with Francisco da Costa about Yosemite Slough (8/14/07)

Blatant Bombardment of Asbestos on Parcel A (8/6/07)

Fact Sheet About Parcel A and Dust Control Ploys (6/29/07)

Too Many Youth Die on Our Streets in San Francisco (6/18/07)

The Impending Drought and SFPUC Lackluster Leadership (4/25/07)

Our Earth and its Future

Bring Our Troop Home Now

So What Is Happening to San Francisco's Sunshine Taskforce? (09/29/12)

The Demise of San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (01/29/12)

Spineless Leaders Not Worth the Salt (11/28/11)

Occupy San Francisco a Glimpse of Reality (11/19/11)

The Banks Stole the Money in the U.S.A. (10/17/11)

Gentrification in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco (10/09/11)

Jobs in San Francisco (09/23/11)

The Precautionary Principle (06/12/11)

Lackadaisical Leadership at SF BOS (06/08/11)

1500 Hundred Homes to Be Demolished at Park Merced (04/06/11)

Youth and Incarceration in San Francisco (04/04/11)

The Ethically Challenged SFMTA (02/22/11)

SF Resources and Lack of Representation (02/18/11)

The Days of SF Redevelopment Are Over (01/31/11)

SFPUC and the Mixed Signals It Sends (01/17/11)

Units Planned on Polluted Environment at the Former Schlage Lock Property (12/06/10)

Hetch Hetchy Water is Sacred and Not to Be Wasted - Less Used to Pollute (11/29/10)

Who Is Truly Educated on Issues in District 10 and Where Were They All These Years? (10/18/10)

Corrupt Corporations Foster Greed and Destroy Centuries of Good (06/06/10)

Final EIR linked to Comments and Responses to HPS and Candlestick Point (05/25/10)

San Francisco Fails on Hunters Point Shipyard and the Last Frontier (05/08/10)

Lennar Loses Ground Swimming in a Cesspool of Woes and Toxicity (04/17/10)

Comments by Wilma Subra
Draft, EIR - Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point

California Must Address Cumulative Pollution and Green Gases (01/10/10)

Draft, EIR Hunters Point Shipyard and Candlestick Point (01/4/10)

Candlestick Point and the Shipyard Need Total Cleanup to Residential Standards (12/24/09)

Lennar and Candlestick Recreation Area (11/7/09)

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (10/24/09)

Understanding Peak Oil Simply (09/25/09)

How Children in the Bayview Suffer (09/06/09)

Closing the Potrero Power Plant

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Islais Creek

Bench of Color and Hope

Sewer Pipe Affects Park

Link to Kaye Griffin article

Link to Grant for Muwekma Ohlone Park

Muwekma Ohlone Park 2005
photos #1 photos #2

Link to MP3

Link to "Urban Oasis Garden in Legal Limbo"

Link to "Urban Paradise Lost"

Link to "Citizen Park Patrol"

The Last Frontier

Bridge Update

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Lewis and Clark - 1805

Moving Across the Country with Lewis and Clark

Link to "Urban Renewal Atop Sacred Ohlone Past"

Shell Mounds

Link to San Bruno Mountain Watch

Link to "Tribal Leaders Hope to Negotiate"

Link to "Conference Brands Indian Law as Racist"

Link to "Anti-Gamers Rail Against Recognition"

Link to "Muwekma Denied Immediate Recognition"

Link to "Tribe Snubbed by Feds"

Link to "Tribe Unable to Get Recognition"

BIA Stabs Muwekma in the Back

Link to Ohlone/Costanoan Esselen Nation

Link to "Mystery Bones"

Link to "Indian Casino in Oakland"

Link to "Bad Bet for Oakland"

Link to a Native American Tour

Link to a Native American History of Alcatraz

Link to Origins of California Tribes

"History before 1878"

Link to "Indian Right to Hunt"

Link to "Pipeline to the Past"

Link to "Ishi's King to Bury Brain"

Link to "Statues Move Incites Outrage"

Sold as Slaves

Mosaic in Motion:

Article and Photos

Indian Murals Found In Mission Dolores

Link to "Milestone for SF Mission: Incoming Curator is Descendant of its Indian Builders"

Transmission Lines and San Bruno Mountain

Link to "San Diego Indians Hit Hard by Wildfires"

Link to "Bill On Indian Sites Tied Up in California Legislature"

Muwekma Ohlone and Transmission Lines


The Muwekma Ohlone

Moving Across the Country with Lewis and Clark

Respecting the Shellmounds

Interior Cross-Motion for Summary J

Muwekma Ohlone Motion For Summary J

Muweka Ohlone Tribe v DOI Salazar

International Indian Treaty Council website

Justice for Native Americans pdf

Solar in the Desert at what price?

KOGI Lost Tribe of Pre-Colombian America

Video by Edward Goehring (12/17/09)

Sunrise Ceremony - Alcatraz (11/26/09)

We Are Still Here (11/21/09)

Mission Dolores and the First People

Western Shoshone

Defend Sacred Sites

The Trials and Hope of the First People

A Blow to Trust Land and Indian Tribes

Muwekma Closer to Federal Recognition

Shellmound Walk - 2008 (11/24/08)

Longest Walk - 1978-2008

Jose Gusman and the Ohlone language

A Dispute About Ohlone Remains

Shellmound Peace Walkers: November 15-23, 2007

Elem Indians from Clear Lake

History of the Ohlone

Protect Medicine Lake (4/6/07)

Protect Sacred Sites

Sacred Shellmounds (3/30/07)

The Muwekma Ohlone

San Francisco Peaks - A Victory

The Healing Poles

Shellmound Peacewalk 2006

Save the Peaks Movie

San Francisco Peaks (9/15/06)

Aloha Festival 2006 (8/11/06)

Sacred Sites in California (06/10/06)

California Sacred Sites (PDF) (06/08/06)

International Indian Treaty Council

Native American Nations

Sacred Sites Visited and Alcatraz Gathering

Epic Shellmound Peace Walk

Native Americana at Auction

The Urban Gamble

Federally Recognized Native American Tribes

The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe: Perspective

Sacred Burial Grounds — Shellmounds

Maori Art Exhibit Opens in San Francisco

California Indians and Genocide

Link to "Revival of the Muwekma Ohlone Language"

Link to "Composition of the Costanoan Tribes"

Link to "World Class Native American Museum"

Link to "Tribes Win Trinity Flow Fight"

Link to Hopi Prophesies

Major Indian Burial Site Uncovered at Lafayette Development

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San Francisco and Waste Management

Little Waste

Earth Day

Link to "S.F. Turns Greener"


Bay Area Tops State in Concern for Earth

Waste Management & Art

Link to "Recycling: Now More Than Ever"

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Understanding Africa


Africa Summit - Julius Nyerere

Deliberations - Delegate Letter

Link to Africast

Link to Kenyaweb

First African Rulers (In the Years of Independence)

Link to "Federal Government Settles With African Refugee"

Link to "Stunning Fossil Find Supports Out-of-Africa Theory"

Museum of the African Diaspora

Link to The Goan Voice

Link to NRI Goa Facilitation Centre

Link to "Cave's Treasure Could Mean Human Culture Began in Africa"

Link to Blombo's Cave Project

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For the Love of Liberty

Link to a Guide to SF Bay Area Landmarks of Black Heritage

African American Museum

Cultural Heritage

Black Panther Party

Black History Month 2000

Black History Month 2008 (01/21/08)

Black History Month 2007 (02/20/07)

Juneteenth 2006 (06/26/06)

Black History Month 2005

Black History Month 2004

Link to "History Takes Second Look at Black Panthers"

Mabel Teng and Black History Month

Presidio of San Francisco Officers Club

Captain Michael Healy

Presidio Celebration Photos

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Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson

Buffalo Soldier Ralph Hobson Passes Away

Buffalo Soldiers Reunion

Buffalo Soldiers 2002

Buffalo Soldiers 2001

Yosemite Ranger Tells of Sierra Duty

Once Zulu Prince, Now Private For Uncle Sam.

History of the Buffalo Soldiers

Female Buffalo Soldier

Lyrics to "Buffalo Soldier" by Bob Marley

Program for Minority Students

(Close-Ups of the Photos)

Buffalo Soldiers in the Philippines

Black Jack Pershing

Italian Town Honors Black GI's

When the West Was Black: Cowboys Lament Loss of Rodeo

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Presidio Backgrounder


Link to "Presidio Accused of Burying Toxic Waste"

Link to: "Presidio Trust Balks at Review"

Before the Full Board of Supervisors - the PTIP

No Accountability - The Presidio Trust

Link to "A New Presidio Package"

Link to "Presidio Workers Strive to Preserve Park's Vitality"

Departure of James Meadows a Farce

Rogue Cops at the Presidio

Link to "A Matter of Trust: Laid-Off Park Workers Say They've Been Jobbed"

Class Action

Link to "SF Cliff House to Get 21st Century Makeover"

Link to "Nature Lovers Hate Crissy Field Hotel Idea"

Link to "Pink Slips for Laborers, Managers"

Bruce Anderson Gets the Shaft

Presidio Alliance

Link to "Trust Workers Face Layoffs"

Link to "Blueprint for Presidio"


Link to "Commissary and PX to Close"

Presidio Trust Fails its Employees!

Link to "Meadows Is Gone But Problems Remain"

Link to "Trouble in the Presidio"

Link to "Public Weighs in on Presidio Plan"

Mafia Tactics

Tenant Council Meeting

Deja Vu All Over Again

Lucas Digital Center and Who Lied

Link to "A Presidio Predicament"

Link to "Lucas Company Bypassed Bidding Requirement"

The Dawn of Corruption

Presidio Trust Exposed!

Link to "Presidio Trust Apppoints Interim Director

Link to "Neighbors Look to New Era"

Link to my Yahoo Group site on Presidio issues

Link to "Trust in Presido Boss Ran Out"

Link to "Under Gun, Presidio Chief Quits"

Meadows is History

Link to "Presidio Trust Not Tight With Tax Dollars"

Fiscal Woes

Letter to PTIP

Link to "Herbicide Spread at Crissy Field"

Link to Friends of Presidio National Park

Link to "Supes to Challenge Leash Law"

Link to "Lucas' Plan Approval"

Link to "Beach Eroding"

Link to "Different Presidio Agendas"

Link to "Landlord Defends Lucasfilm"

Presidio Trust Implementation Plan

Down Goes Letterman

Ten Thousand Years

Link to "Beach Eroding"

Implementation Plan

Link to "Rents Soaring"

Link to "Park Service Scolded"

Link to "Crissy Field"


Link to "Battle of the Presidio"

Presidio Mumbo Jumbo


Link to "Presidio for Sale"

Archaeological Sites

Crissy Field's Dike


Who Will Take A Stand?


Letter to the Presidio Trust

Rape of the Presidio

Colorado Deja Vu

Building 102 at the Presidio

West Nile Virus and Crissy Field Lagoon

Crissy Lagoon is Full of Feces

Presidio Essential Employee Housing

Public Health Hospital and Greed

Marine Seamen Buried at U.S. Public Health Hospital
(Adobe Acrobat Reader Format)

Trees in the Presidio

Link to "Large Tree Removal at Presidio Moves Ahead"

Link to "The Tennessee Hollow Watershed Archaeology Project"

Link to "Discovering the Origins of San Francisco in the Presidio's Past"

Ignorant Archaeologists Messing at the Presidio of San Francisco

Link to "Archaeologists Dig Adobe Home Outside Presidio"

The Presidio and the YMCA

Link to "Presidio YMCA Fights Rent Hike Plan"

The Presidio - 2003

Letterman Digital Arts Center

Link to "Planting Seeds of Movie Magic"

Link to "MIddleton to Lead Presidio Trust"

Link to Shaping San Francisco Ecology: The Presidio Forest

Tennessee Hollow Watershed Project

Link to "A Park is Born: Fort Baker Handed Over to Park Service"

Link to "Anti-Cancer Campaign Take Dead-On Approach"

Link to "Thirty-Year Plan Adopted for Presidio"

The Restoration Advisory Board

Will the City Learn to See?

Toxins at the Presidio

Presidio of San Francisco Looking to 2013 (7/6/06)

Presidio's Future: Less Cash, More Culture (6/18/06)

Memorial Day Ceremony: San Francisco National Cemetary (5/29/06)

Policy Objectives of the Wise Use Movement

Government Worker Supervisor Pleads Guilty to "Earning" Unauthorized Overtime

Presidio Trust Defeats the Purpose of National Parks

GGNPA Chronology

The Green Parrots of the Presidio

Short History of Sixth U.S. Army

Folks Living at the Presidio of San Francisco

Lucas Casts a Spell

Over 400 Hundred Years of History in Building's Walls

Lucas' Presidio Premiere

El Polin Spring and its Desecration

George Lucas Digital Center Makes a Splash and Blobs

Star Wars Creator Sending His Troops to the Presidio

San Francisco Presidio Trust 2005

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Link to Photos of Presidio Hospital

Link to "Judge Sides with Dog Lovers"

The Mess That is the 15th Avenue Gate at the Presidio

Remember the Thugs from Colorado at the Presidio

Coyotes in the Presidio of San Francisco?

Ten Years - Post to Park

SFPUC Panders to the Presidio Trust with SF BOS Consent

What is So Rightly Wrong at the Presidio of San Francisco

Link to "West Nile Virus Found in San Francisco for the First Time"

Link to "Lucasfilm Could Cash In on New Presidio Complex"

A brief history of the Presidio

Canoe Building and Koa - A Wood That is Much Sought After

The Presidio of San Francisco

Waves of Folks Gather at the Aloha Festival

Laborers International Union of North America

Link to "Support Teresa Chambers"

Link to "Park Service Says Whistleblowers Will Be Protected"

Link to "National Park Service Fires Chambers"

White Trash Found at the Presidio of San Francisco

Link to "Taking the Waters at El Polin in the Presidio"

The Forest and Trees of the Presidio

Restoration Sheds Light on Early Presidio Life

Presidio Creeks Undergoing Restoration

Radar Reveals Old Presidio Walls

The Pork Park

Construction Underway on Fort Baker Lodge, Retreat Project

Presidio of San Francisco and the Nefarious Presidio Trust (12/24/06)

Merchant Seamen Cemetery at the Presidio (11/25/06)

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Crissy Field No Garbage Dump When the Ohlone Reigned Supreme

Letter from Coalition of Concerned NPS Retirees
(Adobe Reader Format)

Link to Privitization Political Cartoon By Mark Fiore

Link to "Archaeologists' Jobs on Budget Block at NPS"


East Fort Baker

Link to Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Baker

Link to "Vets at War Over S.F. Monument"

Link to "Parks Chief Calls It Quits"

Crissy Field

Link to "National Parks Caught in Web"

No Internet

Link to the Past

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